Friday, 28 December 2007

'Fainting Goat'




Monday, 24 December 2007

'Twas the night before Christmas......


Merry Christmas everyone!!!

It's late here, so I'm gonna jump in bed and make myself sleep. Well, otherwise Santa wont show up!

Hope you're all having, or have had a good Christmas Eve!


Sunday, 23 December 2007



Good morning J~Landians! How ya doin?



I'm just about to start day 3 of my last minute Christmas shopping. It's been a hectic couple of days since I got paid. I haven't stopped!

Only problem is, work have screwed up my wages, so I didn't get paid as much as I thought. My boss has had to sub me £200, which I'm grateful for but it's rubbish considering that it's Christmas and I've only just made a start on present buying. Grrr! It's screwed up a lot of my plans and I can't get half of what I intended, so I'm just having to prioritise! I don't get paid again until the end of January either, so it's gonna be a really tight month now.

Things have been good lately. This job has been so good for me, and I'm so thankful that I have it (despite them not paying!).

I'm feeling really festive now as Xmas draws closer. It's Christmas Eve-Eve..woo hoo!!


I'm not back at work until the 8th so I'm enjoying the time out, even though I'm easily getting bored...:-(  My return to work will be interesting as 40 of the teenagers found out that I was gay last Wednesday. Well they didn't find out, they just kinda guessed after one of them saw me walking with Ant down town the other day. I've been dreading them guessing because it creates all kinds of awkward situations. They were questioning me about everything, but I just had to keep avoiding the subject, which can be difficult when they're all asking you at once. 'Are you gay? It's ok if you are, I have gay friends..come on, are you gay...JUST TELL US!!!', to which I reply 'Would it matter if I were? I have gay friends. Is this an issue? What are you getting for Christmas? I give that kinda!

A 'Guest'

I was sat at my desk in my bedroom earlier this week, when I suddenly heard strange noises at my feet. It was like a rustly, crinkly kinda noise. I ignored it at first but the noise got louder and I had to check it out. Imagine my surprise when I looked behind my desk to find the smallest MOUSE I've ever seen! We've NEVER had mice before, and I can't figure out why we have them now, although thinking about it, I would've expected them sooner as we live out next to large fields and the countryside.

I don't believe in mouse traps, so me and Mum spent ages trying to catch it. I was fooled by his size, because he's a clever little swine! After 2 hours of trying to catch it in a large shoe box, he suddenly vanished! I have no idea where he went because we followed him into a corner and could see him all of the time. I took my eyes off him for a SPLIT second, and when I looked back, he'd gone. I heard him tapping on my floor boards behind me 2 seconds afterwards, but god knows where it was coming from. He really did one over on me! Two nights ago, I came home absolutely exhausted from a days shopping. I took my clothes off, sat on my bed and just stared into space. I was sooo tired. Just I was going to lay down, the mouse (who I call 'Kevin' after the Home Alone character) popped out from under a set of my drawers and just froze and looked up at me. I looked at him and for a split second and thought about trying to catch him, but I was so tired. Instead, I said 'Kevin, you can do what you want tonight. I don't care, just don't invade my personal space!'! With that, he toddled off under the drawers again. I can't help but!


In my room, I have my karaoke system sat on one of my huge P.A speakers up against my wall. Together, it's really heavy. Lately, it's mostly been used as somewhere to put things on top of, usually paper and a Christmas present from one of the teens at work. I came home yesterday to find that it had moved and the Christmas present was on the floor! It was a good 30 inches away from it's usual position and kinda horizontal. It looks like someone's grabbed the left corner of it and pulled it out. I shouted Mum to ask if she'd moved it for any reason, and she assured me that she hadn't, so I placed it back in it's usual position and thought little more about it. NOW I've woke up this morning and gone about my business for a couple of hours, but then I noticed that it's moved AGAIN, in the EXACT same way, although the papers and present were still on top of it. I'm not saying that I need to call a priest, but I just can't figure this out. It's too large and heavy for a cat (OR MOUSE..hee hee!) to move, and it's never moved before with any kind of vibrations or anything. I'm just stumped! I'll keep you posted.


Well I've been at it again and recorded another song. I love this song but everyone seems to have done a different version of it, so I tried to just do it my way, but I think it went in the direction of the original singer. Hope ya like it.

Right click and 'Save as': Click here to download


Anyways, I must make a move, so catch you all later.


Merry Christmas!! xxxxx


Sunday, 16 December 2007

'White Christmas'

Well, it's that time again!
You know us, we can't NOT do a song for Christmas, so here's one that we recorded today. Hope you all like it. It's nothing mega. Just a nice chilled out version.
Click the picture below to download.
Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Look who's talking WOW!!

Hey peeps,
Happy Xmas and a Merry NEW YEAR, or...err...something like that!
I'm in a festive mood tonight. I've been watching my fave childhood xmas films and I'm amazed at how many great things I'd forgotten. It just shows you what growing up does to ya and how quickly time goes by!
For instance, one of my favourite films at Christmas when I was a kid was 'Look who's talking now', with the talking dogs and hilarious family.
I was checking for clips on youtube, and I came across this video from the film. I used to LOVE this song....Guaranteed to be loved by small kids at Xmas..I still love it..*boogies* haha!
Also, I can't believe how much those two kids in that film have changed. Check this out:
This is Mikey from the film, as he is now!
I'm in! Donna, I bet you KNEW I was gonna say that as soon as you saw his pic didn't you!! lol!
Don't worry though, he's the same age as!
And look at little Julie now.......
She only gets one pic cos I'm not in love with her, but check out this 16 second clip of them in the film. It's hilarious.....she's sooo funny!!
I mean, when did all this time go by?!!? Did we all change at the same time as them?? lol!
Anyways, back soon...just wanted to share that tonight, for someone unknown reason..*scratches head*