Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Alton Towers

I'm off to Alton Towers. WOO HOO!


Fill you all in later. I hope the group behaves..lol!



Thursday, 25 October 2007

Today's outcome......

Ok, I'm back.
Tonight wasn't as successful as I thought. I was attacked by a gang of youths and tied up in a chair with tape. HAHA..Ok,ok, I'm lying. That's the sentence that I THOUGHT I'd be typing out tonight, BUT it went great, even better than I imagined!!
I made good connections with a lot of them. They're loud, rude, rowdy, obnoxious, cheeky, offensive.....everything that teenagers should be...haha! (That was a joke Morgan..;-) xxx)
A big chunk of the night was spent feeding them, but even doing that, they started talking to me and welcoming me into the group. The staff said that they've NEVER been like that with a new member of staff. WOO HOO!! I wont go into everything that we talked about 'cos I can't, but there are some people there that I know I can really help.
I'm supposed to be going on a day out to 'Alton Towers' with them on Tuesday as the kids want me there. Again, I'm calling them kids, but they're actually teenagers! They told me how good it is to have someone my age there as they feel I can understand them better, which I think I do.
So I'm very VERY satisfied with tonight and I can already feel the rewards of this job. I'm back on Friday working with the down syndrome group. I hope I can bond with them aswell. Fingers crossed.
So now I'm an officialyouth worker and I will be getting sent to college and university, and they pay for all of it! How cool is that?! I'm so excited!!
Thanks for all of your comments. Trust me, they ALL helped today.
Love ya all! xxx

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

New job!!

Well well well, looks like the cat dragged me in..lol! I've missed J~land so much lately. Thought it was about time I updated a bit.
Right, going back to a few weeks ago, I got in BIG trouble at work for mentioning the company name on my facebook (Facebook, for those who don't know, is a site very similar to 'Myspace') account. Story is, I was off sick for just under 2 weeks cos I had gastric flu (That's what the doctor called it), AND he gave me a sicknote for work. But, as the week after was my birthday week, I went out while I was ill to celebrate with friends. The photos from the night were put on facebook by friends of mine. Now, most of the management at work are also on facebook, and I knew that, but the way I saw it, I wasn't hiding anything, cos I genuinely was ill and had nothing to hide. Everyone who came out with us on these nights can verify that I kept having to leave early, and was ill while I was actually there. While I was off work, I was told that some individuals at work were talking about me behind my back, saying that I wasn't really ill, etc, etc, so on my facebook, I posted a message to anyone who wanted to read it saying that I didn't care what they thought and that I'd be back to work when my sick note ran out. Anyways, this caused a BIG problem for me at work as I had an official meeting with management and some staff. Apparently, my message was 'Insulting' to all at work, which I wasn't gonna stand for at all, so I fought my side, they fought theirs. Apparently, insulting someone in writing is more serious than if you just say something, which resulted in me calling someone a name in the meeting but arguing that I can't get in trouble for it as I'd SAID it, NOT written it. I got my point across. Anyways, long story short, everything's ok now, and I do realise that I was a little foolish, but at the same time, my private life is my own, so that's that.
I also have a NEW JOB now which I start my first shift for in 3 hours (omg, I really need to shower and get ready!). I'm now an official youth worker, dealing with kids on drugs, with a criminal record, that kinda thing... I also deal with youngsters who are actually carers themselves. Some of these kids are 7 years old, yet they get up, take care of their Mum or Dad, then get ready and go to school, just to come home and start again. It's heartbreaking. I get to plan days out and provide activities for them to give them a break from their real lives, and the best thing is, I'm actually the one to carry this stuff out, meaning that if I plan a trip for them, I go with them and look after them (not alone though, obviously). I'm REALLY excited. Finally, a job with a purpose. It all started when I was serving the mother of one of my friends at work. We got chatting, she asked if I was interested in youth work, and the rest went from there. They said they needed a young man to bond with these kids, cos the majority are female or middle aged men, so I'm the youngest worker there. I just hope I can create a bond with these kids tonight. Well, I say kids but tonight's group is 13-19 years, so I'm a little nervous. On friday, I work with the 'Open Opportunities' group, which is down syndrome, mentally or physically disabled kids. The actual work doesn't bother me, but I've got to admit, I'm feeling VERY under confident about everything. What if I screw up or something?! I guess these are all natural feelings to be having, but I just can't wait to be in there for a few weeks and get used to everything. My worst probable fear is all to do with my sexuality. Teenagers, at least in their 'Gang' state aren't comfortable with gay guys. I don't wanna provoke or antagonise them. I never display my sexuality anyways so they might not even know, but I just KNOW that someone's gonna ask, and I've been instructed to say ANYTHING to throw them off track as they aren't allowed to know personal details about any of us. We're allowed to befriend them, but the golden rule is 'You're NOT their friend'. Took me a while to understand that as it seemed a bit harsh, but I think I get it now.
Oh and I start my recordings in the studio in the next week or so, so I'l post them on here when they're ready.
Busy busy busy.........
Anyways, I really have to rush but I'll update later on to let you know how it all went. If you happen to feel a bit bored later, could you pray for me please? lol! I think I need it.
Hope you're all ok. Miss ya all!

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

'Not too far from here'


Hey all! It's been a while! How ya all doin?


Just thought I'd add a new video that I recorded earlier. I look really depressed on it, but that couldn't be further from the truth. I have BIG news...I'll fill you all in a bit later on 'cos I'm running late for the chance of a lifetime, so I'll be back later! Much love! xxx




If vid doesn't work, please follow this link.




Thursday, 4 October 2007

24th Birthday Celebrations - (Contains pics of a suggestive nature that some may find offensive)

Good afternoon people,
Thanks soo much to all of you for your comments, emails and e cards....they all meant so much to me, I can't tell ya! Thank you!!
Yesterday was amazing, despite me being ill (but getting better I think).
I got some great presents too!!
Anthony bought me a new Henley's top and some 'Echo by Davidoff' spray (my favourite) and also took me out for a meal and then to the pub with him and some mates (Great night!!!).
Mum got me a 'Star Trek: Captain's log' DVD box set, The complete 'Some mothers do 'ave 'em' box set (Hilarious programme), 'The land before time' DVD, and 'An American Tail' DVD..awww!
My friend Adam bought me a 'Grow your own gay best friend'..lol! It's basically a little man that grows in water over a few days - tis funny! He also got me a film I've never heard of but his taste in films is great - 'A very long engagement'. He also got me a neck chain, and a musical pair of boxer shorts..lol! And if all that wasn't enough, Craig gimme £15 and Natalie and Matt bought me...umm...infact, I wont mention what they bought me, but it's funny! Infact, to hell with it, they bought me a giant dildo!! LMAO! It'll never be used for anything other than slapping round my friends faces but it was funny as hell.
I'm adding some pics of last night, but some are very....suggestive (as they bought me a dildo), so I'm sorry if anyone's offended. They were all meant in jest..lol!
(The only gay guys there were me and Ant..lol!)
Best thing is, we aren't even celebrating my birthday until this Saturday...lol!
LOL..Hope everyone's ok and thanks again!

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Gastric Flu

Hey all,
Well I've just got back from the doctors and he's diagnosed me with 'Gastric flu' which is a relief. At least I know it IS something! He's signed me off work until the 8th, which is fine with me, but just means I'll have to pick up extra shifts when I go back. It's no biggie. Also, the new chalazion in my eye is because I'm run down. Maybe I did too much too soon? I went from doing 3 shifts a week to 7 shifts a week..oops. Oh well!
He's given me some stuff to rehydrate me so here goes nothin....;-)
Hope you're all ok


I just realised something. Whenever I write an entry here, I rush through it like wild fire! I never just take my time and let the words come. I'm gonna have to start doing that, but another night maybe?
Just thought I'd write a little update about stuff lately. Things do not bode well!!
I'm STILL ill and it's getting me down now! It's my birthday tomorrow (the 3rd, as I'm writing this in the early hours of the 2nd) and I'm gonna be feeling like crap for it..:-(
Last thing I want is for this journal to become a 'Health log' like my last journal did for a while last year during that 'Bad time', but it's like I say, we write the truth, and right now my truth is pissing me off!
From my last entry, you knew the basics. I ended up going out on Saturday and eventually had a good time, but the first half of the night was spent with me having bad stomach cramps and not been able to keep any food in. Weird thing is, to say I can't keep any food in, I didn't get drunk like I usually do. I drunk five bottles of smirnoff early on and still couldn't feel a thing, so that's good I guess. It's just odd considering I'm usually tipsy after just one bottle! lol! Anyways, from then nothing's changed. I figured my stomach problems were caused by all the paracetamols I was taking for my bad throat and head, so I stopped taking them, but days on, I'm still no better.
A few of us went to see the new 'Halloween' movie earlier tonight, but half way through, my cramps got so bad, I had to walk out and get some air (For any reviewers out there, the first half of the film was crap!). I had to argue with the staff to gimme a refund but they said they couldn't as I'd been in there for over an hour. I'd sat through 70 minutes apparently. I argued that I was ill and had to leave, but that I had 3 paying friends still inside, unaware that I'd actually left. Eventually, they gave me a refund.
I got home and ate something, but again, straight to the toilet I went. What's happenin?! My stomach actually feels full, and sorry to say this so graphically, but it feels like I'm constipated or something, yet I can't keep anything in! Grrr! I really am full of sh*t!
..and now's my worst part.........I felt pains and twitches under my right eye lid last night. I ignored it at the time, but after checking earlier tonight, I have another 'Chalazion' in my right eye, RIGHT next to where one of the others were! (as I had one in my bottom lid and one in upper eye lid). This ones at the bottom eye lid, but only difference this time is, I can actually see it. The other was under the skin, which just left a lump, but this ones on the outside, but inside my eye, if you know what I mean? If I look under my bottom eye lid, I can see a big yellow blob of not nice stuff...lol! I'm soo worried now. I DO NOT wanna go through that procedure again..nooooooooo way!! I've already tried getting rid of it myself, but there's no budging it! Grrrr!!
So I can't eat, can't be more than 6 metres away from the toilet, take pain relief for my throat, have to book another brutal appointment at the eye clinic, AND I have to work tomorrow?! No way!!
God this entry sucks...I apologise!!!!!!!!
But on the bright side, the new young Captain Kirk is HOT BABY!!! Grrrrrrr!