Thursday, 28 August 2008

Happy Birthday Shania!!


Happy 43rd birthday to my favourite singer/song writer ever!!


This was her very first ever single. Check out that hair..WOW!










Sunday, 24 August 2008



Saturday, 23 August 2008

Goodbye to an old 'friend'



Well, the bastards over at 'Eon' have won and the cooling towers (a MAJOR Sheffield and Yorkshire landmark) are to be demolished at 3am tomorrow morning.

I can't even write this entry as I guarantee it wont be very pleasant to read.














Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Walking on the Milky Way, I say what a day!!

Hey guys.....
This is somewhat of an emotional, self discovery, self healing kinda bullshit entry, so if you're not into that, please turn away!
Today started badly and become one of my more difficult days. I've not experienced it quite like this for 2 years, but I woke up and within minutes suffered a panic attack, and it hasn't really left me all day. It's still there now. I had to have the day off work too, which pissed me off cos I enjoy Mondays! Again, there's no huge reason for it, but I haven't been sleeping properly and I've had a few stresses. I just wish my body would handle stress and fatigue differently to this!
Anyways, onto the good stuff.
In 1995, I remember being a 12 year old boy sitting in his room taping the chart show from the radio. I'd always try to time it so that I didn't get bits of the DJ's voice overs on the recordings...(early pirating scheme me thinks). Anyways, on one particular tape, I remember two songs that really struck a chord in me.
One was 'In too deep' by Belinda Carlisle, which was in the charts that week, and the other was a song that I've never been able to find since. I remember the song really making me feel good. It was very uplifting to me, and I remember how I felt listening to it. All I could remember was a portion of the video and the fact that he mentioned outer space in the lyrics. That's it, so for all these years, I've not had enough information to track the song down. I've searched high and low, online, in chart records, back of compilation CD's, word of mouth. Nobody seemed to know what I was talking about. I was actually starting to think I'd dreamt the song up.............until today!!
With my free time (and to keep myself occupied today), I decided to post my memory of the song into certain forums online to see if I could jog anyone's memory. Person after person sent me link after link to songs from that time with a 'space theme', but none were right.
I'd just about given up when someone mentioned a title that seemed VERY familiar.........
'Walking on the milky way'.
I downloaded it straight away and almost cried when I heard it back. Good memories that I'd forgotten came flooding back. It made me feel the exact same way that it made me feel when I was a kid. It was fantastic!! It's not even about the song anymore. It's the relief of knowing that I wasn't wrong and that I've actually found it!
If you're interested, here's the song.



Just wanted to share the story...cos for some reason, it's important to me today. :-)
Hope you're all well!