Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Walking on the Milky Way, I say what a day!!

Hey guys.....
This is somewhat of an emotional, self discovery, self healing kinda bullshit entry, so if you're not into that, please turn away now..lol!
Today started badly and become one of my more difficult days. I've not experienced it quite like this for 2 years, but I woke up and within minutes suffered a panic attack, and it hasn't really left me all day. It's still there now. I had to have the day off work too, which pissed me off cos I enjoy Mondays! Again, there's no huge reason for it, but I haven't been sleeping properly and I've had a few stresses. I just wish my body would handle stress and fatigue differently to this!
Anyways, onto the good stuff.
In 1995, I remember being a 12 year old boy sitting in his room taping the chart show from the radio. I'd always try to time it so that I didn't get bits of the DJ's voice overs on the recordings...(early pirating scheme me thinks). Anyways, on one particular tape, I remember two songs that really struck a chord in me.
One was 'In too deep' by Belinda Carlisle, which was in the charts that week, and the other was a song that I've never been able to find since. I remember the song really making me feel good. It was very uplifting to me, and I remember how I felt listening to it. All I could remember was a portion of the video and the fact that he mentioned outer space in the lyrics. That's it, so for all these years, I've not had enough information to track the song down. I've searched high and low, online, in chart records, back of compilation CD's, word of mouth. Nobody seemed to know what I was talking about. I was actually starting to think I'd dreamt the song up.............until today!!
With my free time (and to keep myself occupied today), I decided to post my memory of the song into certain forums online to see if I could jog anyone's memory. Person after person sent me link after link to songs from that time with a 'space theme', but none were right.
I'd just about given up when someone mentioned a title that seemed VERY familiar.........
'Walking on the milky way'.
I downloaded it straight away and almost cried when I heard it back. Good memories that I'd forgotten came flooding back. It made me feel the exact same way that it made me feel when I was a kid. It was fantastic!! It's not even about the song anymore. It's the relief of knowing that I wasn't wrong and that I've actually found it!
If you're interested, here's the song.



Just wanted to share the story...cos for some reason, it's important to me today. :-)
Hope you're all well!


sneezy7125 said...

Awww, Stevie... I'm glad you found that song, if it makes you happy... well it almost made you cry... so maybe it's not a good thing? Nevermind. lol

Your panic attack worries me for three reasons: 1) I didn't think you got those anymore, 2) they're just generally not a good thing to be experiencing, and 3) I didn't feel it this time... we've got a weakened connection here, my love.

I hope I didn't add to your stress levels with... well, with what we talked about. I'm sorry if I did and you know that in return, I'm always here for ya if you need me.

Love you

nightmaremom said...

Hey babe... glad ya found the song...   it is uplifting and am glad you found it...  tho I'd never think you to be crazy....  ok well not about music anyway :)~   So sorry to hear of your episode today.  It's been so long and wonder what triggered it.  You always try to help everyone.. you need to step back and take care of you more often sweetie... please try that!   Ya know I'm here
love ya

specialadyfink said...

well I just know I'm gonna have a freaky dream tonight,LOL
I wanna hear you sing that song
God it was pretty and you'll do it better!!
Thanks for sharing,never heard it before -no wonder you loved it..

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((STEVIE))))))))))))))))))))))))I am sorry you had an emotional day,I hoope and pray your pannick attack goes away.Sorry I couldnt hear the song.But it sounds fimlar.Theres one song that I love so much and always uplifted me,I used to have it,wish I had it again.Kakomo by the Beach Boys.I probllay spelledd it worng,but I love it.Have a nice night.

patrice21459 said...

That's what music is all about Ste... You've been brought up to appreciate music and it obviously plays a very important part in your life. It's a very powerful therapy for any emotions that people are feeling.
I've been feeling much the same for a while and miss our singing sessions.
Maybe that's why we're both feeling a little melancholy..
Let's get together and have a fun time singing for a while.
Hard to believe we both live in the same house but seem to have trouble getting time together anymore..
Love you loads
x x x

ukgal36 said...

i had never heard  that song before but i liked it..i was just moved to tears watching a video of a little girl singing over the rainbow for simon cowell..music touches us all...what would we do wothout it aye babe??
love ya and miss our talks..i could use one if you know what i mean...

pharmolo said...

Hope you're feeling better today, Stevie

mansnott said...

Hope don't get anymore atacks life that again Ste. I'd forgotten about that OMD song to. Take care Love Gazzxxx

gazker said...

Don't worry about those panic attcks too much matey, they happen to us all ocasionaly. I know your's were regular, but just think back to how far you've come and what you have achieved in such a short space of time?
As for the space song, I was going to say the Carpenters, 'Calling occupants of interplanetart craft' lolololol, WRONG!!!!!
Keep well my friend, Gaz x

luddie343 said...

Woa Ste isn't life one amazing, frustrating, yet crazed surprise?  For all the anxiety and fear episodes, all the tension and panic no one seems to understand, something like this happens and WHAM! you're back in a place of comfort, of joyful tears, of validation for yourself and your soul.  Music, what a miracle....xoxo CATHY