Friday, 28 December 2007

'Fainting Goat'




Monday, 24 December 2007

'Twas the night before Christmas......


Merry Christmas everyone!!!

It's late here, so I'm gonna jump in bed and make myself sleep. Well, otherwise Santa wont show up!

Hope you're all having, or have had a good Christmas Eve!


Sunday, 23 December 2007



Good morning J~Landians! How ya doin?



I'm just about to start day 3 of my last minute Christmas shopping. It's been a hectic couple of days since I got paid. I haven't stopped!

Only problem is, work have screwed up my wages, so I didn't get paid as much as I thought. My boss has had to sub me £200, which I'm grateful for but it's rubbish considering that it's Christmas and I've only just made a start on present buying. Grrr! It's screwed up a lot of my plans and I can't get half of what I intended, so I'm just having to prioritise! I don't get paid again until the end of January either, so it's gonna be a really tight month now.

Things have been good lately. This job has been so good for me, and I'm so thankful that I have it (despite them not paying!).

I'm feeling really festive now as Xmas draws closer. It's Christmas Eve-Eve..woo hoo!!


I'm not back at work until the 8th so I'm enjoying the time out, even though I'm easily getting bored...:-(  My return to work will be interesting as 40 of the teenagers found out that I was gay last Wednesday. Well they didn't find out, they just kinda guessed after one of them saw me walking with Ant down town the other day. I've been dreading them guessing because it creates all kinds of awkward situations. They were questioning me about everything, but I just had to keep avoiding the subject, which can be difficult when they're all asking you at once. 'Are you gay? It's ok if you are, I have gay friends..come on, are you gay...JUST TELL US!!!', to which I reply 'Would it matter if I were? I have gay friends. Is this an issue? What are you getting for Christmas? I give that kinda!

A 'Guest'

I was sat at my desk in my bedroom earlier this week, when I suddenly heard strange noises at my feet. It was like a rustly, crinkly kinda noise. I ignored it at first but the noise got louder and I had to check it out. Imagine my surprise when I looked behind my desk to find the smallest MOUSE I've ever seen! We've NEVER had mice before, and I can't figure out why we have them now, although thinking about it, I would've expected them sooner as we live out next to large fields and the countryside.

I don't believe in mouse traps, so me and Mum spent ages trying to catch it. I was fooled by his size, because he's a clever little swine! After 2 hours of trying to catch it in a large shoe box, he suddenly vanished! I have no idea where he went because we followed him into a corner and could see him all of the time. I took my eyes off him for a SPLIT second, and when I looked back, he'd gone. I heard him tapping on my floor boards behind me 2 seconds afterwards, but god knows where it was coming from. He really did one over on me! Two nights ago, I came home absolutely exhausted from a days shopping. I took my clothes off, sat on my bed and just stared into space. I was sooo tired. Just I was going to lay down, the mouse (who I call 'Kevin' after the Home Alone character) popped out from under a set of my drawers and just froze and looked up at me. I looked at him and for a split second and thought about trying to catch him, but I was so tired. Instead, I said 'Kevin, you can do what you want tonight. I don't care, just don't invade my personal space!'! With that, he toddled off under the drawers again. I can't help but!


In my room, I have my karaoke system sat on one of my huge P.A speakers up against my wall. Together, it's really heavy. Lately, it's mostly been used as somewhere to put things on top of, usually paper and a Christmas present from one of the teens at work. I came home yesterday to find that it had moved and the Christmas present was on the floor! It was a good 30 inches away from it's usual position and kinda horizontal. It looks like someone's grabbed the left corner of it and pulled it out. I shouted Mum to ask if she'd moved it for any reason, and she assured me that she hadn't, so I placed it back in it's usual position and thought little more about it. NOW I've woke up this morning and gone about my business for a couple of hours, but then I noticed that it's moved AGAIN, in the EXACT same way, although the papers and present were still on top of it. I'm not saying that I need to call a priest, but I just can't figure this out. It's too large and heavy for a cat (OR MOUSE..hee hee!) to move, and it's never moved before with any kind of vibrations or anything. I'm just stumped! I'll keep you posted.


Well I've been at it again and recorded another song. I love this song but everyone seems to have done a different version of it, so I tried to just do it my way, but I think it went in the direction of the original singer. Hope ya like it.

Right click and 'Save as': Click here to download


Anyways, I must make a move, so catch you all later.


Merry Christmas!! xxxxx


Sunday, 16 December 2007

'White Christmas'

Well, it's that time again!
You know us, we can't NOT do a song for Christmas, so here's one that we recorded today. Hope you all like it. It's nothing mega. Just a nice chilled out version.
Click the picture below to download.
Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Look who's talking WOW!!

Hey peeps,
Happy Xmas and a Merry NEW YEAR, or...err...something like that!
I'm in a festive mood tonight. I've been watching my fave childhood xmas films and I'm amazed at how many great things I'd forgotten. It just shows you what growing up does to ya and how quickly time goes by!
For instance, one of my favourite films at Christmas when I was a kid was 'Look who's talking now', with the talking dogs and hilarious family.
I was checking for clips on youtube, and I came across this video from the film. I used to LOVE this song....Guaranteed to be loved by small kids at Xmas..I still love it..*boogies* haha!
Also, I can't believe how much those two kids in that film have changed. Check this out:
This is Mikey from the film, as he is now!
I'm in! Donna, I bet you KNEW I was gonna say that as soon as you saw his pic didn't you!! lol!
Don't worry though, he's the same age as!
And look at little Julie now.......
She only gets one pic cos I'm not in love with her, but check out this 16 second clip of them in the film. It's hilarious.....she's sooo funny!!
I mean, when did all this time go by?!!? Did we all change at the same time as them?? lol!
Anyways, back soon...just wanted to share that tonight, for someone unknown reason..*scratches head*

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Saturday night

T'has been quite a rough weekend for moi. All week, I'd been feeling slightly off. A little dizzy here, a minor headache there. I just put it down as a cold or something. But you know what it's like when a man gets a cold....IT'S SERIOUS!
Saturday night, I felt so rough, I got into bed at 10pm. That's about 8 hours too early for me usually (lol!). I woke at 2:35am, dripping wet and red hot. My temperature was flashing at the 'OMG, you're burning up' mark and worst of all, I really needed to pee, so I stood up, but soon found myself back on my ass with dizzyness, so I woke Anthony and asked him to help me to the loo, to which he kindly obliged.
While I was stood there (taking a pee....sorry to be so graphic) I suddenly felt really faint. I panicked....'I need to finish my pee but I need to lay down..oh god!'  I tensed and stressed and urged and cursed. Finally, I'd finished, so I started running toward the bedroom door to lay down quickly. I couldn't even tell Ant why I was running, I just had to do it as fast as possible. I reached for the door and pushed the handle down............
Next thing I know, I'm laying on the floor, dripping with sweat with a pillow under my head. There's blood on my fingers and pillow and I have no idea who I am, where I am, or who the two people around me were. My memory came back quick and the first thing I did (from past experience) was check my teeth with my tongue. '1, 2, 3, 4.....Ok, they're fine at that side....what about the other?...1,2,3,4......'
I couldn't talk or open my eyes, but I could hear Ant and Mum chatting round me. I'd hit my head against the corner of the cabinet as I passed out and knocked myself! When I faint, I'm only usually out for about 10 seconds, but Mum and Ant say I was out for at least a minute this time. It's bizarre!
I stayed in hospital all of Saturday night while they did blood tests, urine tests, x rays, poking tests, rubbing tests, tickle! They don't know what's up with me, although they found a higher than normal amount of white blood cells in me, but they dunno why. That's seems to be it with hospitals...'You're ill, we don't know why...cya'!
It was quite dramatic and upsetting in there though. The Northern General Hospital is scary on a Saturday night! In the bed across from me, there was a guy who'd tried to commit suicide because he has a brain tumour. That was awful to hear. I wasn't being nosie, but it was hard not to hear the conversation as it was so close. In the bed next to him was another suicide victim who refused to tell the doctors what he'd had, and how many, and then in the end bed was an ex co-worker of mine from Tesco who was having drunken epileptic fits. I know the guy quite well but never knew he had those fits!
I feel much better now, although my head is really sore and cut from the fall and my throat is killing. Anyone else suffering from similar out there? I think there's a nasty bug goin round! Don't let it floor you!

Monday, 26 November 2007

Now THIS is talent!



An amazing group singing one of my favourite songs, using only their vocals as instruments!




Thursday, 22 November 2007

Everyone's story...


This is a story about four people named everybody,somebody,anybody and nobody.
There was an important job to be done and everybody was asked to do it.

everybody was sure that somebody would do it, anybody could have done it, but nobody did it.

somebody got angry about this because it was everybody's job.everybody thought anybody could do it, but nobody realized that everybody would not do it.

It ended up that everybody blamed somebody, when actually nobody accused anybody.


Sunday, 18 November 2007

Christmas has come early!


Hellooo folks!

Apologies for my last entry. I should've calmed down waaay before I wrote anything, although I meant everything I said, I have to remember to keep it cool here. I'm gonna delete the entry cos I don't wanna have to keep seeing that entry and that picture, but thanks for your supportive comments. *hugs*. About the entry, I just have to correct something. With what I said, I implyed that Adam had taken the picture and sent it directly to me, but I found out that Adrian actually took the pic, not knowing there was anything wrong with it, so he sent it me a joke. He thought it looked like a crashed alien or something, so I just thought I'd say, Adam didn't send it me. There, all done!


Well, with all the happenings lately, I decided to pick myself up and start celebrating christmas early this year. I'm already listening to Xmas tunes and I love it. For anyone who has it, I've also trimmed up my myspace page, so pop over if you have time and if you can stand listening to Christmas classics (Darlene Love, I LOVE YOU!!)

On Friday night (before the incident) we took the special needs group shopping to Meadowhall and had such a great time. I intended to write about this that day, but obviously, other things got in the way. We all had our own groups to look after, so I made sure that my group had fun. One of my youths managed to shake hands with 'Pudsey the bear' (from Children in need) and he was over the moon. It was lovely to see. One of the other lads wouldn't walk anywhere unless he had his arm draped over mine, which I thought was amazing cos this guy's really quiet and stand off-ish! I was seriously choked up the whole time. We all went for a meal in the 'Oasis' section of Meadowhall and were treat to a few stage shows. One was an 11 year old girl who had a fantastic voice and the confidence of a wrestler, and the other act was 'Future Proof', a boyband who recently got booted from 'The X factor'. Considering they're all really cute, I enjoyed that part A LOT!!

T'was a great day and I can't wait for more to come.

I'm gonna go and get ready 'cos I'm going up to Hannah's house later on, so I'll catch ya all later and hope you're all well!


Thanks to Donna for this lovely pic!! xxx




Friday, 16 November 2007


Hey all,
I can't sleep at the moment. My body clock's out of synch again..grrr!!
Not many will be interested in this entry, but because it's me, and with recent news, I HAVE to do!!
Ok so the new Star Trek film began filming last Wednesday. I'm sooo excited!!! I have to wait until December 26th to see it here..:-( So far, I'm happy with the's a run down of the 'New' old crew...
The villian of the movie
The villains sidekick
Kirk's GORGEOUS dad
and look who's playing Spocks mum 'Amanda Grayson'!!
I can't believe Winona Ryder's in a Star Trek film....crazy! 
The only thing I'm not really happy about is the fact that the actual 'Enterprise' ship will look DIFFERENT to how it did in the 60's!! Ok, I understand they need to make it look more believable now and that the effects weren't that good back in the 60's, but it's like changing the look of the Thunderbirds ships, or Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.....It must not be done!! Grrrrrrrr!!
Here's how the Enterprise looked in the 60's and in recent Star Trek series where it's been seen:
..and this is how it might look in the new film:
SHOCKED and horrified! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!
Anyways, I'm gonna keep this brief. I no longer work at Tesco's. After everything that happened, we still couldn't agree on what hours I'd be working, so I quit. I'm ok though, 'cos my new job is going great and I'm feeling much more confident!! YAY-ness!!!
Also, and I'm gonna be VERY hush hush about this, but I was on webcam last night, with two people from a very famous (in the UK) and currently successful girl group, and no, it's not the Spice Girls, but that's all I'm saying. Just had to say it 'cos it was such a huge deal to me! They've even invited me to London...*jaw drops* 
Life is fantabulous right now, and I can't wait for Xmas!!!
A recent pic:
The girl in this costume looked mortified when I jumped on her and asked if me and Nat could have a picture, but kindly obliged!
Before I go, I'd just like to pay my respects to Donna and family. I'm very very sorry for your loss. R.I.P Pat. It's nice to know that you're pain free. xxxxxx
Donna, love ya babes!

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Random updateyness stuff!

Hey all!!
Euuggh, I've had such a lazy day today. I've literally just sat here at my pc listening to music and watching youtube videos. I'm not complaining mind you. I'm working later so I have to get ready soon.
Sorry for not updating sooner. The trip to Alton Towers was excellent. I got to know the teens better and we all had a great time. It was cold all day though, and I didn't go on any of the rides, purely for the fact that I didn't want it to look like I went with them just to have fun. I went to observe, make sure everyone was ok and to patrol round the park to make sure everyone was behaving. This didn't go to plan though as I must've only bumped into the group again once or twice during the whole day! It's a huge park yes, but we were there for 9 hours!
Been having trouble with Tesco again. I should've been at the youth centre on Friday, so I called Tesco on the previous Monday to explain the situation and to swap shifts. I was assured that it would be dealt with and someone would call me back. I waited all day and nobody called, so I spent the following 3 days trying to get hold of ANYONE who gave a damn. I finally got through on Thursday just for my team leader to say 'You haven't given us enough notice'. I was like 'No way..I called you on Monday!', to which he told me that he hadn't received any message from anyone regarding that. So I called the guy who gave him the message and he assured me that he'd personally told my team leader to call me back, so obviously, my team leader's lying as the guy who originally took my message says he'll come with me to face my team leader to ask him about it. So I ended up having to work at Tesco on Friday, but I've reported my team leader and I've gone over his head to the big boss and sorted my hours out permanently. One of the staff went barmy about it and said it 'Wasn't fair' to go over the team leaders head like I did, to which I replied 'I gave him a chance to sort it last week and he didn't. If he'd done his job, I wouldn't have had to see anyone else!'. Case closed in my opinion.
All in all, things are going great and I'm really excited about things now. This new job means the world to me and I can't wait to start studying! I got promoted last week, so in December, I'll be doing 4 shifts a week at the youth centre (which is the maximum amount of shifts I can do in one week there by law), so I'm dead chuffed!
A few recent pics:
Dunno what was happening here but Phil wants me to shut!
Random pirate!
Another random guy. I have no idea who he is!!
Don't worry...I was just pretending!!
Nat and me. I don't have a mole. It's a shiny stick on!
A picture I defaced of my friend Sam.
Me and Nat in the best take away in the world!!
Anthony and me in a restaurant!
Me and Anna. Again with the stick on!
I promise..Craig IS NOT gay....honest! lol!
Lads night out!
Me with Jack skelington in the Disney store!
Also, me and my friend have made our own channel on Youtube, designed to keep in touch with friends. There's a scene in this where I say a few hello's to people, but at the time, I really didn't think it'd end up online so I didn't say hi to everyone that I should've, so ignore that part and I'll get ya all later! lol!
..and our Myspace account is:
We only uploaded our first video yesterday though, so don't expect anything great..;-)
Hope you're all ok out there in the world!
I just wanna say hi to Donna and family as they're going through an awful time at the moment. My prayers go out to all of you hun. Thinking about you. Love ya!

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Alton Towers

I'm off to Alton Towers. WOO HOO!


Fill you all in later. I hope the group!



Thursday, 25 October 2007

Today's outcome......

Ok, I'm back.
Tonight wasn't as successful as I thought. I was attacked by a gang of youths and tied up in a chair with tape. HAHA..Ok,ok, I'm lying. That's the sentence that I THOUGHT I'd be typing out tonight, BUT it went great, even better than I imagined!!
I made good connections with a lot of them. They're loud, rude, rowdy, obnoxious, cheeky, offensive.....everything that teenagers should be...haha! (That was a joke Morgan..;-) xxx)
A big chunk of the night was spent feeding them, but even doing that, they started talking to me and welcoming me into the group. The staff said that they've NEVER been like that with a new member of staff. WOO HOO!! I wont go into everything that we talked about 'cos I can't, but there are some people there that I know I can really help.
I'm supposed to be going on a day out to 'Alton Towers' with them on Tuesday as the kids want me there. Again, I'm calling them kids, but they're actually teenagers! They told me how good it is to have someone my age there as they feel I can understand them better, which I think I do.
So I'm very VERY satisfied with tonight and I can already feel the rewards of this job. I'm back on Friday working with the down syndrome group. I hope I can bond with them aswell. Fingers crossed.
So now I'm an officialyouth worker and I will be getting sent to college and university, and they pay for all of it! How cool is that?! I'm so excited!!
Thanks for all of your comments. Trust me, they ALL helped today.
Love ya all! xxx

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

New job!!

Well well well, looks like the cat dragged me! I've missed J~land so much lately. Thought it was about time I updated a bit.
Right, going back to a few weeks ago, I got in BIG trouble at work for mentioning the company name on my facebook (Facebook, for those who don't know, is a site very similar to 'Myspace') account. Story is, I was off sick for just under 2 weeks cos I had gastric flu (That's what the doctor called it), AND he gave me a sicknote for work. But, as the week after was my birthday week, I went out while I was ill to celebrate with friends. The photos from the night were put on facebook by friends of mine. Now, most of the management at work are also on facebook, and I knew that, but the way I saw it, I wasn't hiding anything, cos I genuinely was ill and had nothing to hide. Everyone who came out with us on these nights can verify that I kept having to leave early, and was ill while I was actually there. While I was off work, I was told that some individuals at work were talking about me behind my back, saying that I wasn't really ill, etc, etc, so on my facebook, I posted a message to anyone who wanted to read it saying that I didn't care what they thought and that I'd be back to work when my sick note ran out. Anyways, this caused a BIG problem for me at work as I had an official meeting with management and some staff. Apparently, my message was 'Insulting' to all at work, which I wasn't gonna stand for at all, so I fought my side, they fought theirs. Apparently, insulting someone in writing is more serious than if you just say something, which resulted in me calling someone a name in the meeting but arguing that I can't get in trouble for it as I'd SAID it, NOT written it. I got my point across. Anyways, long story short, everything's ok now, and I do realise that I was a little foolish, but at the same time, my private life is my own, so that's that.
I also have a NEW JOB now which I start my first shift for in 3 hours (omg, I really need to shower and get ready!). I'm now an official youth worker, dealing with kids on drugs, with a criminal record, that kinda thing... I also deal with youngsters who are actually carers themselves. Some of these kids are 7 years old, yet they get up, take care of their Mum or Dad, then get ready and go to school, just to come home and start again. It's heartbreaking. I get to plan days out and provide activities for them to give them a break from their real lives, and the best thing is, I'm actually the one to carry this stuff out, meaning that if I plan a trip for them, I go with them and look after them (not alone though, obviously). I'm REALLY excited. Finally, a job with a purpose. It all started when I was serving the mother of one of my friends at work. We got chatting, she asked if I was interested in youth work, and the rest went from there. They said they needed a young man to bond with these kids, cos the majority are female or middle aged men, so I'm the youngest worker there. I just hope I can create a bond with these kids tonight. Well, I say kids but tonight's group is 13-19 years, so I'm a little nervous. On friday, I work with the 'Open Opportunities' group, which is down syndrome, mentally or physically disabled kids. The actual work doesn't bother me, but I've got to admit, I'm feeling VERY under confident about everything. What if I screw up or something?! I guess these are all natural feelings to be having, but I just can't wait to be in there for a few weeks and get used to everything. My worst probable fear is all to do with my sexuality. Teenagers, at least in their 'Gang' state aren't comfortable with gay guys. I don't wanna provoke or antagonise them. I never display my sexuality anyways so they might not even know, but I just KNOW that someone's gonna ask, and I've been instructed to say ANYTHING to throw them off track as they aren't allowed to know personal details about any of us. We're allowed to befriend them, but the golden rule is 'You're NOT their friend'. Took me a while to understand that as it seemed a bit harsh, but I think I get it now.
Oh and I start my recordings in the studio in the next week or so, so I'l post them on here when they're ready.
Busy busy busy.........
Anyways, I really have to rush but I'll update later on to let you know how it all went. If you happen to feel a bit bored later, could you pray for me please? lol! I think I need it.
Hope you're all ok. Miss ya all!

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

'Not too far from here'


Hey all! It's been a while! How ya all doin?


Just thought I'd add a new video that I recorded earlier. I look really depressed on it, but that couldn't be further from the truth. I have BIG news...I'll fill you all in a bit later on 'cos I'm running late for the chance of a lifetime, so I'll be back later! Much love! xxx




If vid doesn't work, please follow this link.


Thursday, 4 October 2007

24th Birthday Celebrations - (Contains pics of a suggestive nature that some may find offensive)

Good afternoon people,
Thanks soo much to all of you for your comments, emails and e cards....they all meant so much to me, I can't tell ya! Thank you!!
Yesterday was amazing, despite me being ill (but getting better I think).
I got some great presents too!!
Anthony bought me a new Henley's top and some 'Echo by Davidoff' spray (my favourite) and also took me out for a meal and then to the pub with him and some mates (Great night!!!).
Mum got me a 'Star Trek: Captain's log' DVD box set, The complete 'Some mothers do 'ave 'em' box set (Hilarious programme), 'The land before time' DVD, and 'An American Tail' DVD..awww!
My friend Adam bought me a 'Grow your own gay best friend'! It's basically a little man that grows in water over a few days - tis funny! He also got me a film I've never heard of but his taste in films is great - 'A very long engagement'. He also got me a neck chain, and a musical pair of boxer! And if all that wasn't enough, Craig gimme £15 and Natalie and Matt bought me...umm...infact, I wont mention what they bought me, but it's funny! Infact, to hell with it, they bought me a giant dildo!! LMAO! It'll never be used for anything other than slapping round my friends faces but it was funny as hell.
I'm adding some pics of last night, but some are very....suggestive (as they bought me a dildo), so I'm sorry if anyone's offended. They were all meant in!
(The only gay guys there were me and!)
Best thing is, we aren't even celebrating my birthday until this!
LOL..Hope everyone's ok and thanks again!

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Gastric Flu

Hey all,
Well I've just got back from the doctors and he's diagnosed me with 'Gastric flu' which is a relief. At least I know it IS something! He's signed me off work until the 8th, which is fine with me, but just means I'll have to pick up extra shifts when I go back. It's no biggie. Also, the new chalazion in my eye is because I'm run down. Maybe I did too much too soon? I went from doing 3 shifts a week to 7 shifts a week..oops. Oh well!
He's given me some stuff to rehydrate me so here goes nothin....;-)
Hope you're all ok


I just realised something. Whenever I write an entry here, I rush through it like wild fire! I never just take my time and let the words come. I'm gonna have to start doing that, but another night maybe?
Just thought I'd write a little update about stuff lately. Things do not bode well!!
I'm STILL ill and it's getting me down now! It's my birthday tomorrow (the 3rd, as I'm writing this in the early hours of the 2nd) and I'm gonna be feeling like crap for it..:-(
Last thing I want is for this journal to become a 'Health log' like my last journal did for a while last year during that 'Bad time', but it's like I say, we write the truth, and right now my truth is pissing me off!
From my last entry, you knew the basics. I ended up going out on Saturday and eventually had a good time, but the first half of the night was spent with me having bad stomach cramps and not been able to keep any food in. Weird thing is, to say I can't keep any food in, I didn't get drunk like I usually do. I drunk five bottles of smirnoff early on and still couldn't feel a thing, so that's good I guess. It's just odd considering I'm usually tipsy after just one bottle! lol! Anyways, from then nothing's changed. I figured my stomach problems were caused by all the paracetamols I was taking for my bad throat and head, so I stopped taking them, but days on, I'm still no better.
A few of us went to see the new 'Halloween' movie earlier tonight, but half way through, my cramps got so bad, I had to walk out and get some air (For any reviewers out there, the first half of the film was crap!). I had to argue with the staff to gimme a refund but they said they couldn't as I'd been in there for over an hour. I'd sat through 70 minutes apparently. I argued that I was ill and had to leave, but that I had 3 paying friends still inside, unaware that I'd actually left. Eventually, they gave me a refund.
I got home and ate something, but again, straight to the toilet I went. What's happenin?! My stomach actually feels full, and sorry to say this so graphically, but it feels like I'm constipated or something, yet I can't keep anything in! Grrr! I really am full of sh*t!
..and now's my worst part.........I felt pains and twitches under my right eye lid last night. I ignored it at the time, but after checking earlier tonight, I have another 'Chalazion' in my right eye, RIGHT next to where one of the others were! (as I had one in my bottom lid and one in upper eye lid). This ones at the bottom eye lid, but only difference this time is, I can actually see it. The other was under the skin, which just left a lump, but this ones on the outside, but inside my eye, if you know what I mean? If I look under my bottom eye lid, I can see a big yellow blob of not nice! I'm soo worried now. I DO NOT wanna go through that procedure again..nooooooooo way!! I've already tried getting rid of it myself, but there's no budging it! Grrrr!!
So I can't eat, can't be more than 6 metres away from the toilet, take pain relief for my throat, have to book another brutal appointment at the eye clinic, AND I have to work tomorrow?! No way!!
God this entry sucks...I apologise!!!!!!!!
But on the bright side, the new young Captain Kirk is HOT BABY!!! Grrrrrrr!

Friday, 28 September 2007


Euggh...what a fortnight it's been. 
Yes, I'm about to complain and whine like a big baby..........
I took on far too many shifts at work, making sure that I've been there everyday and well into the early hours of the morning. I was enjoying it at first, but I've become sick of the sights of Tesco. I covered soooo many shifts for so many people lately, I've lost count and then I agreed to do someone 4pm - 1am shift for two days, but ended up doing it 3 in a row 'cos one girl decided NOT to come in. This wouldn't have been so bad if I was doing a job that I could do with confidence but instead, they threw me onto the 'Self service' tills, which I have no idea how to run. When I found out that I'd have to run the self service section on my own, I asked for them to train me up beforehand. I was already on my regular shift and had 5 hours to go before I was due to go on to self service, so they assured me that they'd get me off of my till and train me up with plenty of time to spare. An HOUR before I was due on, they STILL hadn't got me off of my till to train me, so I went on a one man strike and closed down my till. Long story short, I won and they trained but, but only for 20 minutes so nothing sunk in properly..grrr!  Basically, I'm the only member of staff at the front of a huge store at that time of night (except for a scarily CRAZY security guard) and I'm responsible to help all customers use the self service tills which do nothing but break down.
Queue's of people, all complaining that there machine isn't working, not giving correct change, double scanning, breaking down, all at the same time. While I helped one, 3 other groups of customers were complaining, not to mention the other people in the really long queues. They're all staring and yelling at me, wondering why I'm not working faster,but little did they know that I had no idea what I was actually doing. You'd think that a big company like where I work would assign a fully trained up member of staff to run the part night shift, but oh no! As long as the shift's covered on paper, they don't care. Yes, I volunteered to cover the shift, thinking that I'd just be doing my regular cashier job like I always do when I'm covering shifts, but oh no! Instead, they threw me into the deep end. Anyways, I got through it somehow and am glad about it, 'cos I SHOULD have a good wage this month! On my last day of shift covering, I started to feel a bit congested in my head which I just assumed was 'cos I was tired or something, so I went to bed to sleep it off. When I woke the next morning to get ready for work, I sat up out of bed just to go really dizzy and fall back down again. I literally had to CALL my Mum on the phone to come in from the other room to help me. I was red hot, had the worst headache, ear ache, sore throat, dizziness and a stiff neck. I was in such a state and had to call in work for yesterday and today which ruined my record number of days that I'd been covering for two weeks, which I'm really hacked off about 'cos I was doing so well. I woke up today feeling much better. I even went into town to get some toiletries but it wasn't long before the symptoms returned, but this time it brought a dodgy stomach with it as well! So I'm sat here now feeling like poo, but hoping I feel better tomorrow night for a night out with friends. If I don't, I can't go....especially with a dicky stomach..:-(
Anyways, nuff bout my diseases, how's everyone doin?

Friday, 21 September 2007

'Unbreakable Heart'

Hi folks....
Excuse me for a moment!!!!!
I just wrote a really long entry over the past 2 hours, and I went to save it in my emails to post in here, but got BOOTED off aol! All of that writing and explaining about recent events..Noooooooooooooooo!!!!!!
Ok, in a nut shell, I made new friends, had to say goodbye to two as they've gone to university (sob sob..I love them!), there's been trouble, blood and police in the family, I'm startin work in the studio over the next week or so, and I've recorded a new song but I'm not too keen on it as I think I need to sing it in a higher key and lose some of the echo, PLUS I am aware of the difficult higher note toward the!  Phew.....*takes a breath*
I'll try and update when I get another two hours spare...:-(
The Motley Crew (some people are missing..:-()
Hope you're all well!


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Ainsley gave birth to a son, Blair Andrew on August 27th! I'm so thrilled for her! She's got the internet again now, so we might start seeing her again soon.




Song of the day


Who remembers this one?? ;-) I was brought up with this song so I think I like it more than most..hehe!