Friday, 21 September 2007

'Unbreakable Heart'

Hi folks....
Excuse me for a moment!!!!!
I just wrote a really long entry over the past 2 hours, and I went to save it in my emails to post in here, but got BOOTED off aol! All of that writing and explaining about recent events..Noooooooooooooooo!!!!!!
Ok, in a nut shell, I made new friends, had to say goodbye to two as they've gone to university (sob sob..I love them!), there's been trouble, blood and police in the family, I'm startin work in the studio over the next week or so, and I've recorded a new song but I'm not too keen on it as I think I need to sing it in a higher key and lose some of the echo, PLUS I am aware of the difficult higher note toward the!  Phew.....*takes a breath*
I'll try and update when I get another two hours spare...:-(
The Motley Crew (some people are missing..:-()
Hope you're all well!


Please click here to download the song.

(You may have to right click the link and 'Save target as' if it doesn't download automatically)





Ainsley gave birth to a son, Blair Andrew on August 27th! I'm so thrilled for her! She's got the internet again now, so we might start seeing her again soon.




Song of the day


Who remembers this one?? ;-) I was brought up with this song so I think I like it more than most..hehe!





nightmaremom said...

what the hell!?!?!  AOL SUCKS babe... no freakin alert for this and I've been so waiting.....  so you got the boot twice with this entry. GRRRR
love the song and I'm so excited you are in the studio...  whuuuu huuuu ya know I'm first in line for the CD...  :::giggle:::  and yes I will push folks over to get there!  LMAO!!!!  Love the pictures... a bit dark but just the same they are great.  I'm thrilled you are out and about living.. you've come such a long way.
Congrats to Ainsley...  both look beautiful!
Love ya Jack

primal53711 said...

Ya look lovely baby......miss you.  :)

Todd aka Primal

luddie343 said...

Oh I know how aggravating that is when you spend hrs getting something just right, all the facts you want, the way you want them, them POOF they disappear.  Thanks AOL.  I didn't recognize your song there, but enjoyed all the pix, and congrats to Ainsley.  Hope you get the song the way you want it!  xoxo CATHY