Friday, 7 September 2007


Hello all...How ya doin?
I'm here for a very important but not secret mission...hehe!
Ok, I have a very good friend called Sue who's in need of some help.
Sue is disabled as she has hardly any use of her legs. She can stand and move around, but she can't walk anywhere, which makes this very hard for her to get out. She has to depend on others just to go to the shops, but they're not always around and now she feels that she's becoming a pest. All she needs is a car to be able to do it for herself. Her old car has been recently scrapped due to faults so she's found herself in deep water now. She found a car for £200 but had no money, so a supposedly 'Good friend' OFFERED to give the money to her. Shocked by the offer, she accepted on the terms that she was going to pay it back to him in installments. Everything was going great until the day came to actually picking up the car. This 'good friend' let her down and basically said that he wont be gving her the money. I mean, WHY offer in the first place if you know you can't do it?! She didn't ask for it either, so I don't understand. She's become very low and depressed because of this, which isn't her usual character. She's one of the most bubbly people I know usually. So now I'm on a mission. I'm going to raise money for her to get this car, but I need help and ideas.
Whenever I need help, this is the place I think of first. You guys rock, so does anyone have any ideas? I'm thinking sponsored run, sponsored head shave...sponsored anything really, and if I can do this, I'll post pictures of me going through these things and also Sue and her car afterwards. This means so much to me at the moment. I have a chance to really help here and I can't miss it.
I'm naming this the....
Help Sue Become Independent Again campaign and by god, I'm gonna do it. So please, any ideas? Thanks a lot!
Thanks for reading.


sneezy7125 said...

Aww this is really sweet of you, Ste. Good idea to raise money... you're right, you can do sponsored anything-- car washes, bake sales, and rummage sales seem to make the most money from what I've experienced in my volunteer work. Try one of those?

And while I'm here, we haven't talked in a long time. And I'm blaming you for that =P
Also, you know I can't let this go: spelling... "independent". All e's, dear. :)

Love ya

ktkamanski said...

My lightbulb is on the frits at the momment because I can't think of a thing - but please post whatever it is you decide to do - I would like to help! Hope your Friday is being good to you. Take care,

patrice21459 said...

Ste, Mum here,
I suggest a sponsored smoke stop.
If you can stop smoking for a whole month, I'll give you £50.00
Or maybe a sponsored fall asleep every night before 5.00am. cos you're never asleep before then.
This way it helps the both of you.
x x x

mansnott said...

There r some right Bs'S around. I can totally understand her situation. I was thinking bout it and how about a sponsored nipple peirce, now thats something VERY differant. Lv Gazxxxx

zoepaul6968 said...

I tell you what I think is wrong,I take it she gets disability benefit right? as far as i am aware,she would need to surrender most or all of it to have a car using the benefit to pay for it,thats not fair either,if youre still working at tescos use them to help too,you know when you have those pointless meetings to fill in a questionnare about  how work is going etc etc,why not use the forums to get attention,you know ask a manager how they can help a local woman gain her independance back,tescos love to get in the papers,maybe she could get enough for a car and a walking aid too.its worth a go hun,if not id resort to gazs idea and let us know about what you want us to sponser you for mwahhs zoe xxx

gazker said...

Tesco, will have a community liason colleague, well we do! Thy will be able to help.

sneezy7125 said...

Hey again,

A suggestion I got from Kyle: ask a local church if they can help out? They're always great for humanitarian issues. Check it out.

Morgan (again)

slcsaw said...

Hi ste
       Why not do a sponsored silence or maybe a spoonsored concert you have a brillent voice use it mate i know i would let me know if you would like my help i'm here for ya ste text me or call me for support. love ya

Stacey. C slcsaw.

emabecmar said...

How about asking your boss if you can put a 1 gallon jar in store with pic of your friend and short story about her needs and title it Please Help Sue. They do that alot here in the states and wow do those things get full fast. Good luck stevie. ((((hugs))))))))
Love ya,
Cindy xoxoxo

ukgal36 said...

i would like to contribute....
i will email ya babes...
you have a heart of gold my love...

nightmaremom said...

I'll contribute sweet pea.. it's on the way.  Whatever ya do, DON'T shave your head.. arm pits.. legs.... something ya can hide but not your head!!!  :)~
you are precious..  what a good friend!!!
love ya

mansnott said...

Here's another thought Stevie. Use your talent, [your voice]. Organise a small concert,[I'm not talking Albert hall or Hallam Fm Arena]. Just a small community centre or something.I would pay to see you sing. Take care Lv Gazxxxx

aniracj said...

Hi Ste; we are a tad short at the moment (car cost a fortune to get back from garage) but shall be able to send some dosh week after next, let me know where to and it will be done. I know what its like to be without my wheels.......give Sue my bestest wishes. Love Joan

lisa41076 said...

Stevie, I'm with the others who mentioned a concert, hope everything works out for Sue, Hugs Lisa XO

geminisolox said...

Can't think of owt... but am willing to help!  Love Gem xx

cgtperkins said...

Ste I would love to help. Im not sure how much I can send, but a little is better than nothing!! I have your old address but not since you moved. Email it to me and I will send money!!

luddie343 said...

How bout a pie-eating contest?  Very American.  Or hotdogs, maybe pizza.  Food contests always bring in the dough.  Truly hope things pick up for your pal.  Hey I've been listening to Van the Man's "Brown-eyed Girl" at Donna's, had no idea it was YOOOO until she spoke up.  Whenever you made this Ste your voice was prime, very nice harmonies - overdubbing?  Excellent!!  XOXO CATHY

daddytomks said...

My first thought was why are there postings from July, when this article was one of your most recent?........then I realized you put the DAY first, not the month as we Yanks do.  But the idea of Stevie helping a friend didn't surprise me in the least!  I've known you only a short while and your concern for your friend fits right into the personality of the young man I've had the pleasure of visiting with several times on PalTalk.

I will gladly contribute to the cause, and without you shaving your head or anything else!  (I loved your Mum's posting too.....but as an ex-smoker, I won't go into that)  Just let me know how I can help and where to send my contribution.

And "done good" raising your son!  :)

Tom in Kansas (USA)