Friday, 28 September 2007


Euggh...what a fortnight it's been. 
Yes, I'm about to complain and whine like a big baby..........
I took on far too many shifts at work, making sure that I've been there everyday and well into the early hours of the morning. I was enjoying it at first, but I've become sick of the sights of Tesco. I covered soooo many shifts for so many people lately, I've lost count and then I agreed to do someone 4pm - 1am shift for two days, but ended up doing it 3 in a row 'cos one girl decided NOT to come in. This wouldn't have been so bad if I was doing a job that I could do with confidence but instead, they threw me onto the 'Self service' tills, which I have no idea how to run. When I found out that I'd have to run the self service section on my own, I asked for them to train me up beforehand. I was already on my regular shift and had 5 hours to go before I was due to go on to self service, so they assured me that they'd get me off of my till and train me up with plenty of time to spare. An HOUR before I was due on, they STILL hadn't got me off of my till to train me, so I went on a one man strike and closed down my till. Long story short, I won and they trained but, but only for 20 minutes so nothing sunk in properly..grrr!  Basically, I'm the only member of staff at the front of a huge store at that time of night (except for a scarily CRAZY security guard) and I'm responsible to help all customers use the self service tills which do nothing but break down.
Queue's of people, all complaining that there machine isn't working, not giving correct change, double scanning, breaking down, all at the same time. While I helped one, 3 other groups of customers were complaining, not to mention the other people in the really long queues. They're all staring and yelling at me, wondering why I'm not working faster,but little did they know that I had no idea what I was actually doing. You'd think that a big company like where I work would assign a fully trained up member of staff to run the part night shift, but oh no! As long as the shift's covered on paper, they don't care. Yes, I volunteered to cover the shift, thinking that I'd just be doing my regular cashier job like I always do when I'm covering shifts, but oh no! Instead, they threw me into the deep end. Anyways, I got through it somehow and am glad about it, 'cos I SHOULD have a good wage this month! On my last day of shift covering, I started to feel a bit congested in my head which I just assumed was 'cos I was tired or something, so I went to bed to sleep it off. When I woke the next morning to get ready for work, I sat up out of bed just to go really dizzy and fall back down again. I literally had to CALL my Mum on the phone to come in from the other room to help me. I was red hot, had the worst headache, ear ache, sore throat, dizziness and a stiff neck. I was in such a state and had to call in work for yesterday and today which ruined my record number of days that I'd been covering for two weeks, which I'm really hacked off about 'cos I was doing so well. I woke up today feeling much better. I even went into town to get some toiletries but it wasn't long before the symptoms returned, but this time it brought a dodgy stomach with it as well! So I'm sat here now feeling like poo, but hoping I feel better tomorrow night for a night out with friends. If I don't, I can't go....especially with a dicky stomach..:-(
Anyways, nuff bout my diseases, how's everyone doin?


amy122389 said...

good heavens, we're sharing the same germs!  Well, not me, but the hubby.  He's been sleeping under the heating blanket and blowing his nose for a couple days now.  

You should have called the attention of all the people standing in line saying "I'd like you all to know I have NO IDEA what I'm doing, but to make your wait shorter......" and break into a song and dance.  No?  LOL



dougsbabygirl31 said...

LOL. I have worked self check in the middle of Christmas rush and can relate and sympathize. With those you just have to keep doing it and it will make sense. That is the best way that I have found. Sorry that you are sick. Ick!!! Tawnya

sneezy7125 said...

Awwww, you poor thing.

1) You just stay in tonight and get your rest. I was gonna say there's a nasty bug that's been goin around but I doubt you caught it from over here, lol.

2) Screw all the impatient half-wits at the darn Tesco's. If they got a problem with the way you're running something, they can come over here and say something to your trusty American sidekick. And I'll just be like, "Yo. Calm down and step off." lol

3) *giggles* at your use of the word "fortnight". Only place I've ever seen that used before is in Shakespeare. lol although the character of Romeo might fit you well ;-)

Anyway, I hope you feel better very soon and I lurrvvee you.

lanurseprn said...

I think you're working too much, and when you're around all those people you're bound to catch something.
I hope you feel better soon. Take it easy this weekend.

nightmaremom said...

awwwwwwwwww Jack... so sorry about the fiasco at work... kinda sucks but big businesses do that...  be proud that they knew you could do it :)~   Just be you and ignore the jackasses who have no idea.   Sorry you aren't feeling well.... but take care of you  You have to go out with friends this weekend!  ::giggle::  
Love you sweets...
hugs and kisses

mansnott said...

Awww Stevie get better quick and look after yourself. As a customer those self service tlls can be a swine if you dont put your items bar code over the scanner properly and you end up scanning it twice of even 3 times lol. Take things slowly.

Take care love Gazxxxx

ally123130585918 said...

Stevie you have had a busy time ~ sounded chaotic to me ~ I have never used those self serve tills and after what you have told us I never will ~ hope you get to feel 100 percent better soon ~ Ally x

jeadie05 said...

Well done working all those shifts ,and yes a nice fat wage packet lol ,sorry you were stricken by the bug,it probably caught up with you because you were tired ,our local Rainbow have introduced the serve yourself machines ,I hope it doesnt mean ,we are to lose some of the lovely girls on the tills Jan xx

gazker said...

I told ya ASDA, work there! ;-)
Hope you are feeling better now Ste

Gaz x

eml625 said...

Hey baby, sorry to hear about the work stress.
Hope your feeling better ! Stop by and say hello sometime, I miss ya.

zoepaul6968 said...

Oh God hun youve over done it,no wonder youre ill,think about it,youre touching stuff,like keys on the tills etc,that loads of others have touched,and caught the lurgy,no one cleans the bloody tills properly,they need disinfecting every change over,thats without handling money/cards thats been in someones pocket with their snotty for the shift probs,go complain to your manager,being improperly trained for the job will be badly looked upon,that was unfair,and especially so as people would have complained,you dont want all of that on your shoulders.They should also have told you that youre only allowed to work a certain amount of hours a week,past your contracted hours,what the hell is going on at that shop?Theyve broken at least 2 parts of their contract to you,have a good rest and i hope you get to go out hun ,hugs zoe xxx

emabecmar said...

jump on a plane and come to philadelphia. i'll spoil ya rotten with yummy foods, good movies, and alot of relaxation. get some rest ok. your gonna burn yourself out and make yourself even more sick. ((((((((hugs)))))))))))
Love ya stevie,
Cindy xoxoxoxoxox

heavenlybama said...

I love your song from the previous entry I didn't get an alert for.  Hope you feel better soon.  I won't go into my health issues/injuries.  It's in my journal.