Tuesday, 2 October 2007


I just realised something. Whenever I write an entry here, I rush through it like wild fire! I never just take my time and let the words come. I'm gonna have to start doing that, but another night maybe?
Just thought I'd write a little update about stuff lately. Things do not bode well!!
I'm STILL ill and it's getting me down now! It's my birthday tomorrow (the 3rd, as I'm writing this in the early hours of the 2nd) and I'm gonna be feeling like crap for it..:-(
Last thing I want is for this journal to become a 'Health log' like my last journal did for a while last year during that 'Bad time', but it's like I say, we write the truth, and right now my truth is pissing me off!
From my last entry, you knew the basics. I ended up going out on Saturday and eventually had a good time, but the first half of the night was spent with me having bad stomach cramps and not been able to keep any food in. Weird thing is, to say I can't keep any food in, I didn't get drunk like I usually do. I drunk five bottles of smirnoff early on and still couldn't feel a thing, so that's good I guess. It's just odd considering I'm usually tipsy after just one bottle! lol! Anyways, from then nothing's changed. I figured my stomach problems were caused by all the paracetamols I was taking for my bad throat and head, so I stopped taking them, but days on, I'm still no better.
A few of us went to see the new 'Halloween' movie earlier tonight, but half way through, my cramps got so bad, I had to walk out and get some air (For any reviewers out there, the first half of the film was crap!). I had to argue with the staff to gimme a refund but they said they couldn't as I'd been in there for over an hour. I'd sat through 70 minutes apparently. I argued that I was ill and had to leave, but that I had 3 paying friends still inside, unaware that I'd actually left. Eventually, they gave me a refund.
I got home and ate something, but again, straight to the toilet I went. What's happenin?! My stomach actually feels full, and sorry to say this so graphically, but it feels like I'm constipated or something, yet I can't keep anything in! Grrr! I really am full of sh*t!
..and now's my worst part.........I felt pains and twitches under my right eye lid last night. I ignored it at the time, but after checking earlier tonight, I have another 'Chalazion' in my right eye, RIGHT next to where one of the others were! (as I had one in my bottom lid and one in upper eye lid). This ones at the bottom eye lid, but only difference this time is, I can actually see it. The other was under the skin, which just left a lump, but this ones on the outside, but inside my eye, if you know what I mean? If I look under my bottom eye lid, I can see a big yellow blob of not nice stuff...lol! I'm soo worried now. I DO NOT wanna go through that procedure again..nooooooooo way!! I've already tried getting rid of it myself, but there's no budging it! Grrrr!!
So I can't eat, can't be more than 6 metres away from the toilet, take pain relief for my throat, have to book another brutal appointment at the eye clinic, AND I have to work tomorrow?! No way!!
God this entry sucks...I apologise!!!!!!!!
But on the bright side, the new young Captain Kirk is HOT BABY!!! Grrrrrrr!


lisa41076 said...

Awwwwwww Stevie Happy Birthday tommorow hon, hope you feel better soon, Hugs Lisa XOXOXO

sharonna1955 said...

happy bday stevie and boy your right he is a lil hottie

mansnott said...

Happy birthday for tomorrow Stevie sorry your not well for it. Lots of love Gazxxxx

jeadie05 said...

A very Happy Birthday  Steve .I should get an appt with your Doc about your tum,you are going to feel really run down if this continues ,then sort your eye as well ,I hope you feel better soon,I really do ,cos you were doing so well ,love ya ...Jan xx

ukgal36 said...

hey babes..can't believe your birthday is here again already! happy Birthday for tomorrow...hope you get to feeling better soon..get some vitamins...i agree you sound run down..could be all those extra shifts and GERMS....keep some hand sanitizer handy at the till...
love and kisses...
Lyn  xxxxxxxxxxx

nightmaremom said...

hehehe... the birthday boy.....   I wish you all the best..  just like my email the other day :)  I could never forget.   Hope you're feeling better soon...
love ya

deshelestraci said...

Love the new Kirk!  Hate that you have been so sick!  Get well.

emabecmar said...

Love ya,

gazker said...

Happy Birthday for tomorrow matey! I am worried you drunk 6 bottles of Smirnoff, I hope it was Smirnoff ice!
Theres a bit of a bug going round the moment. I was on my way to leeds on Monday, going past your place and produced a little butterfly in my undeis, if you get my drift. No toilet in sight for me.

Gaz ;-)

amy122389 said...

Good heavens....we may have to take you out back and shoot you to put you out of your misery!  Hee hee....I'M JUST KIDDING.....although you should go to the doctor, love......you're going to get dehydrated and then any bug will just get worse.

6 Smirnoffs?!  By three, I'm usually talking to the fake plant in the corner.  LOL

::hug hug hug::


geocachelinda66 said...

Wow, that new Cpt. Kirk IS hot!  Even though I'm old enough to be his Mom!  Linda

edwardssoapy said...

Wow, that Captain Kirk is HOT, lol!

Happy Birthday Stevie!

Many happy returns.

Leigh :o)

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))))I hope you had a nice Birthdya.

heavenlybama said...

Well Ste......I really hope you are talking about the single little bottles of Smirnoff!  LOL  Personally, I think Smirnoff sucks.  Absolute is the best!  Anyway, I'm behind in alerts so I'll go read your other entries to see if you're feeling better.