Tuesday, 8 January 2008

A positive 2008!

Happy new year folks!!!!!!!
Ok, sorry it's late. I haven't had a chance to update for a while since Christmas, but it's only because I couldn't move 'cos of all the junk food I've been stuffing down me lately!!
I need to talk........lol!
What a weird Christmas it was this year. It started to feel like Christmas for me on Christmas Eve, but Christmas day just felt....strange!! Probably hormones or somethin...lol!
It was my first day back at work after the holidays today. It was good to get back to it to be honest. I was bored out of my brains for 3 weeks..lol!
I got some bad news today. A fax came through for me at work from our main offices in town. It was to let me know that YET AGAIN, they've screwed up my paper work and that meant that I wasn't going to get paid until the end of February!!! Please keep in mind that they didn't pay me at Xmas either, so I've had NOTHING at all financially since October, as I left Tesco and had to do a month youth working as a volunteer. Once the first of December arrived, I counted down the days until pay day, just to find out that I couldn't have my owed money! The boss gave me £200 but that soon vanished with Xmas. Now I've been counting the days down until the 25th January for next pay day, just for them to try and do me over again. Apparently, today was the final day of payment processing, and as they 'hadn't received' my details, they couldn't pay me. My manager was FURIOUS when I told her earlier, because she was the one that took my payment details into the main offices and delivered them BY HAND to the person in charge. I called them from work to explain this, but they basically called my boss a liar. That didn't sit very well with her, I can tell ya! She quickly took my bank details AGAIN and sent them by fax, with a strongly worded covering sheet, and then she called the place to confirm that they'd received it. Then she double confirmed and then said 'Are you SURE this time?!'..lol! God I love that woman!!  Now I'm just terrified incase anything goes wrong this time, because I NEED money. I'm surviving by borrowing and lending. I can't even go for a pint with my friends.....infact, I can't even afford a bus ticket anymore! I can't remember the last time I had a good amount of money! :-(
Oh well, there's always people in far worse shit than me out there!
I've also been given another shift now, so now that I'm doing 4 shifts a week, they're gonna send me to college to study everything and work my way up! I can't wait..I'm so excited!
Here's my weekly plan:
Tuesday night: 'Detached' session - which means I patrol the streets with other workers to find gangs of youths, make sure they're behaving, let them know what our centre can offer them, get ideas for day trips..etc...(although it can be dangerous when they throw fireworks at us!)
Wednesday night: 'Centre based' - Youth Group night - Food, Drinks, TV, Computers, Karaoke machine, DJ workshop, sexual health for 50 odd loud and obnoxious teenagers.....you name it, we do it! It's mental, absolutely mental, but I love it!
Friday night: 'Double O' group - Special needs - Such a lovely and big hearted bunch of people!
Now today I've been given Mondays as well, which will also be a 'Detached' shift, but I'll be in an area that I don't know, with staff that I've never met, but that's why I love the idea so much!
My boss is setting up a recording / music / singing session soon, and as soon as that starts, she's pulling from a detached shift and putting me in charge of it! I can't WAIT for that!!
Ok, enough about work!
I received an email from the studio the other day telling me that they're ready and waiting for me to carry on with my recordings, so I'm gonna get that done too!
I'm so glad that I haven't got access to my old journal anymore. I think I'd be depressed looking back at how I used to be. Stuck in the house suffering constant panic attacks. God, how did I ever get that low I wonder?!
I lost many readers during that time because they simply got tired of hearing about how bad things were. One friend even told me that he stopped reading because it 'depressed' him so much, which I can understand. Oh well.....it's done now!
I got recognised in town on Christmas Eve by a lovely guy who reads my journal! I was in a shop, and suddenly heard someone shout 'Steve??'. I stared at the poor guy like he was an alien for a moment as I tried to remember who he was, but he explained, and then we ended up talking for a good 15/20 minutes in the middle of the shop..lol! HI RICHARD!!!! Happy new year! ;-)
Any of you seen the new 'Hairspray'?? OMG, I've fallen in love with the film and it's soundtrack big time! I can't stop listening to them.....infact, I'm gonna add a video of ONE of my favourite songs from the movie. PLEASE watch how awesome this film is. The video is edited to fit on youtube, but the song isn't.
I've practised and practised that song, and now I can just about do it without passing out after the first chorus..lol!
I've had a change of look for the new year too, with a mixed result, but I don't care. I FEEL much better, and that's why I did it.
The hair had to go!!! I call it my 'Britney' look!! lol!
Apologies for the shamelessly posing nature of my pics...lol!
Ok well, I think I'd better bugger off now, but HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all, and sorry for the long rant. I just REALLY needed to talk! Ciao for now!


lanurseprn said...

Sorry you're having to wait so long for your money. I know that is rough. But, when it finally comes in you'll feel rich!
Love your hair short like that. You look really handsome! I'm glad you are enjoying your job. It sounds great!
Sorry I haven't been by for awhile. Catching up a bit now.

jeadie05 said...

Oh how very annoying ,having to wait for your money like this ,its a good job you love the job other wise you would have walked by now lol ,The new hairstyle looks good ,what a thrill to be noticed in a shop ,hey fame at last lol ,hope your 'brass 'comes through soon ..love Jan xx

nightmaremom said...

good gawd I would think with payday being weeks away they could sneak your work in and have a check to you by the 25th.  I'd be livid and cursing up a storm.  Not right to hold you off another month.  Best keep track of hours and $$ so they pay what you're owed.  
Excuses excuses 'bout not being here......... LMAO  glad life is good for ya!  and yes.. you've come along way.
lurve ya

ukgal36 said...

You'd be gorgeous no matter what babes..i love the new look..very Justin Timberlake...;-) by the way i still have you singing Sexy back on my IPOD...LOL

edwardssoapy said...

Dear Stevie.

Happy New Year to you, too!  It must be so frustrating that they have not paid you yet for doing your job.  Never mind, I'm sure they will pay you double for last month as well, then you will have lots more money to spend.  

The 'Hairspray' movie musical is just fabulous, isn't it?  At the start of the movie, I thought "OMG what am I watching?", but it was truly amazing!  It soon had us all dancing in the aisles at the cinema.

Keep smiling... much love... loving the hairstyle too!! xxxxx


njlittlebear said...

I told ya, Britney is crazy enough to be British !  But now Dr. Phil (crackpot extroidinaire) is involved so she'll be OK.  LOL...NOT !  

Haircut looks HOOOOTTTT !  

Peace, Lil Bro


njlittlebear said...

Ooooops, I did it again !

Forgot to wish you a Happy New Year !!


haileen2003 said...

Happy New Year Stevie..and all the Best for 2008
I've got 'Hairspray' on my DVD Rental list~
Am I the only one who prefers your Hair as it was?

catslittertray said...

happy new year to you to my friend,
if they dont sort your monies out , let me know and i` ll go round there on my mobility scooter and do a spot of ram raiding if you like,
take care
sue xx

justplainbill said...

Happy New Year, Steve, Bill

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((STEVIE))))))))))))))I hope you get your paycheck soon.I am glad you have a good Boss looking after you,helping make sure you get your paycheck.HPPY New Year to you!!!!!!!!!You are such a cutie.

sneezy7125 said...

Wow... sounds like quite the time... I hope you get paid soon. All that work coming up does sound like fun, though.

I haven't seen Hairspray yet... I got the DVD for Christmas but I haven't watched it! How pathetic is that? But I will... and then we can discuss it and rave over it like a couple of teenage girls. hehe

Speaking of which: "...sexual health for 50 odd loud and obnoxious teenagers" Umm, excuse me. Stereotyping again, lol. Ahhh but I won't be a teenager for much longer, so your rude comments won't affect me! =D

I love youu and miss you Stevie!

sneezy7125 said...

Ooh, couple more things:

1) Nice haircut (and pose... *giggles*) but I must say I like you WITH hair much better. Just saying. Ya know you're gorgeous either way ;-)

2) I just saw the fainting goats thing in your last entry. Kyle sends that to me whenever I'm upset about something because I just die laughing. Almost as funny as the Potter Puppet Pals. Almost. "Ron... Ron... Ron WEASLEY!" hahaha

Hmm... yeah, that's it.
Still love you.
xxxxxx (again)

pharmolo said...

Money worries are a bane, Stevie. But it's good that people are working for you to sort out something that's not your fault. Happy 2008!