Monday, 30 June 2008

IM spamming, Bob the Builder and 'Perfect Day' update

Hey everyone.
I have a beef! lol!
What the hell is going on with aol and the IM spamming? I don't know if this is affecting everyone the same, but over the last few weeks, I've had nothing but IM after IM messages from unfamiliar screen names which basically says: 'You'll never believe who has a crush on you! Click here to find out who now!'
I report the user for IM spam and then block the screen name, but for everyone I report, 7 more seem to take it's place!
What's happening? Anyone else suffering too??
An update on the 'Perfect Day' video - I haven't abandoned it at all, but some people who said they were interested have STILL not sent me their vocal clips. I sent everyone their line and supplied the backing track and lyrics, and even though some explained that they wanted to do it but couldn't until, let's say....'Saturday', these people still haven't sent me anything. I don't want to fill the gaps myself, and the idea was for every line to be by a different person, so I'm not sure what to do. If anyone could promote this entry to let them know that I'm still waiting, it'd be very much appreciated. I can't wait to get it finished! (P.S. I am aware of the person who is waiting for me to get her vocal from her, but we seem to keep missing each other time! I promise I haven't forgotten..:-) )
Ok, that's all for now....any ideas on the IM spamming??
This picture was taken yesterday when I worked on a stall for my organisation at a fun fair event on a field in High Green. I don't know if the person inside this 'Bob the Bulider' costume was male or female, but they wouldn't leave me alone..haha!!


sneezy7125 said...

1) The IM spamming is happening to me too, and I'm ready to shoot someone, lol.

2) That picture of you and Bob is ADORABLE, I'm stealing it ;-)

and 3) I wanna talk to you about the "Perfect Day" thing. And I'd promote it on my journal but it's private and no one reads it anyway, lol.

Love you

justplainbill said...

Steve I think I went through three weeks of the email spaming from my secret admirer.They seemed to have died  down a bit.  
I have not idea what to do about them but report and ignore them. Mine were mostly from Aim. What a PIA they are.
My grandsons sove Bob the Builder so back off, Bill

jeanno43 said...

Not getting that Stevie but I had something similar a few weeks back. I blocked them all and it stopped.  What I am having probems with is alerts. People are telling me that they are not getting them for my journal.  Some are and some are not. I have written to journalseditor but nothing seems to have changed.  I was absent for a long time and now I am back I get this.

nightmaremom said...

oooh yes I am getting the IM crap too.. pisses me off big time.  I rarely IM so when it pops up I know.... grrrrrrrrr.... I report too but doesn't help at all.
Ummmmmm... me wondering who you are talking about regarding the music.. ::tapping foot::  Lemme know ROFLMAO!!!!  Love the picture...   it was probably some hot guy.....  :)~   How did today go babe????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
love ya

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((STEVIE))))))))))))))))))Yes,I am getting the Ims to,I just ignore them because they come back.I cant wait to hear your Video when its all done.Have a good evening.

specialadyfink said...

I got a few of those IM spams a few weeks ago-none since-just blocked them.Didn't know you were sending out the backing track and lyrics-I sent you mine before I knew that--yikes!!!
Bob well 'Bob' is a he-ya know,LOL
(My hubby and son are Bobs.LOL)
Huggs cutie

pamal3 said...

Hey stranger. I have a load of them In my spam folder. They are a flippin nuisance. I hope everyone hurries up wih their lines as I am dying to hear the song complete. Great pic! I would harbour a guess, It's a male. lol. ;-)  Love Pam xx

funnyface0s0 said...

Hello Stevie, jus found your blog - and its cool !     James Taylor eh, a blast from my past, how i crave for the return of those 'hippy days' !    and yours was a fab rendition.
Big Luv - Jaynee X

mansnott said...

I'm so glad I left AOL sounds like they're getting worse. Hope you get iy sorted Ste lv Gazzxxxxx