Wednesday, 3 September 2008

In a World............


I was very saddened today to learn of the death of Don Lafontaine, who's voice is famous worldwide. He provided the narration for over 5,000 movie trailers and just as many tv commercials. He's one of those guys that you don't really think about. You just KNOW he's gonna be there whenever you go to the cinema or put on a DVD.


In 'the voice', ' man must fight for justice!'


I've heard soo many people mimic that 'movie guy voice', and I've even done it myself. I guess that kinda makes him more famous than a lot of movie stars.

R.I.P'll be truely missed!!





pm71blackfen said...

What a rich-sounding voice!  I knew the voice as soon as I played the video but I didn't know his name, thanks for letting us know Stevie.  RIP Don ~~~Pat

jeadie05 said...

It was such an easy voice to listen too Jan xx

gazker said...

Wow, I never knew he'd died.
God, I miss those cooling towers Stevie.
Gaz x

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((((((STEVIE))))))))))))))))))Man,I think I am tottlay cluelss when it comes to knowing famous people.I never heard of this guy before.I am sorry that He passed away.May He rest in peace.

emabecmar said...

RIP Don. ((((((((hugs))))))
Love ya,
Cindy xoxoxox

luddie343 said...

Very admirable tribute.  CATHY

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