Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Holy sh**!!!

I've waited 6 years for this, and boy did they deliver (well, for the trailer anyways).

So, the Star Trek that I knew and loved is dead and we now have this new imagining of it from fresh minds, and I have to say......... THIS LOOKS FANTASTIC!!

I'll definitely be going to the premiere in May....if I can wait that long..grrrrrr!

Check out how amazing this trailer is, even if you're not a fan!!

The only thing I have to complain about is the ship. Take a look.

This is how it should look (from the 60's)

And this is what they've done with it.....

Ok, it's the GEEK in me that's complaining. I guess something that designed for 1960's TV would look rubbish in cinemas in 2009, but they've changed a classic..:-(

Apart from that, bring it on!!!


Indigo said...

It looks great hon! But Spocks too short in my opinion. He was always taller in the older movies. (Hugs)Indigo

perils of patricia said...

can't wait to go see it at the movies Ste....

LYN said...

you are such an adorable geek!
miss ya babes.. xxxxxxx

Melissa said...

lol, thats cute how excited u get about Star trek. yeah when your a fan of a show for years and they go and change the way things look, it bothers u..sometimes change is good, but sometimes they should just leave stuff alone or they'll end up messing things up.

D said...

a little behind here.... you crack me up with the movie but love your excitement
love ya

Connie said...

hey there'
I have a special award for you on my blog-please come n get it

jiggins said...

I'm a big geek for this series as well.. pretty stoked that J.J. Abrams is taking over and re-imagining it.. with that comes style change though. I know what you mean, but we will take it. I mean look at the change in look for the ENTERPRISE series.. was cool.. but VERY different. The other positive is that, with the ship already looking bad-ass.. by the time other movies come about.. they will be even better!

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

Sitting on the edge of my seat for this one ~ Can't wait! Thanks for sharing. Take care of you and yours,

LYN said...

hey babes are you still living at your mums?? I am doing my xmas cards...;-)


Cathy said...

Wow I've been too far behind, didn't know my ole bud Stevie opened a diner! I love diners, esp ones from America's 50s. Yours fits just perfectly. Yeah I agree they demolished a classic with the new ship, it has no "character" but progress is progress I suppose. The bigwigs who make the decisions think they know what we want, plus they do what makes money. The original had so many not-so-hidden life-lessons and solid ethical advice, showed things are not always black and white but it's always good v. evil.

sparkx said...

I don't 'get' Star Trek, my bro is a 40 year old Trekker, I will get some photos of his room, you will not believe it!
hope you are well x Lynbo x

Connie said...

Just popped over to say howdy-Hope alls well..

Connie said...

Holy Crap-It's been a while since you've posted-Hope all is well.
Bet you're out ringing in the New Year.
Well-just wanted to say-Have a Happy New Year.

CINDY said...

(((((((stevie))))) where are you? hope nothing is wrong.
Love ya,
Cindy xoxox

sparkx said...

yey, where are you?