Tuesday, 31 March 2009

~Photo Shoot - 29th March ~

Hey guys!!

How's it goin? Just thought I'd share my photo shoot with you.

This was 2 days ago and was sooo much fun, although I was freezing!! I kept throwin a jacket on while we moved around....lol!!

I felt a bit silly pulling those serious 'smell the fart' faces but it was awesome!!

These were taken for me to use for publicity stuff, like sending out demo's and stuff like that. I've got a friend who's helping me with all that stuff now, and I'm really excited bout it!! He wanted to use 'em for a myspace page he's made me for my recordings, although I wanna record better stuff for the page.



Ally Lifewithally said...

Stevie loved the photographs ~ seems ages since I last visited you ~ hope all is well in your little part of the world ~ Ally x

Love said...

GREAT photos man.. This one and this one are probably my favorites. Very good look to them!

Just Bill said...

Hello STEVE, long tome no see.
Then I get to see more of you than I really need to. You are cute but not my type.
As alwas good luck to you, Bill

LYN said...


Ben said...

Awesome pictures. That friend of yours that made that music myspace for you must believe in your talents emensly. I can see why. Keep up the awesome work! your will go far if you beleive!

beachmom15 said...

Hey Stevie!!! Love the pics!!! there are a few that are my fave's.. Just remember that we knew you when!!! LOL.. good luck with all of that!
Lisa (lisita15)

D said...

didn't see these on facebook... but glad I just popped in. These are awesome babe! You take great shots... serious or not. I can't decide which is my favorite so I'm grabbing 'em all :)~
love ya and miss ya

Cathy said...

Ever think of modeling? You have a "look" the average person can relate to. Don't know what you could sell, but jeans is a good guess lol. The last pic is the most natural looking to me, some of them seemed posed which is exactly what models DO. They have to look "affected" and putting that straw in your mouth is the perfect touch for selling a certain look - country, casual, like that. So maybe it might be another avenue you could drive down?

Connies Photos said...

loved-Loved_LOVED the one with the weed-so marlboro- manish...

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