Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Freaked out!

Hey everyone!!

I just woke up but have got to write down the dream I had before I forget. It's freaked me out!!

Ok, the dream begins where I wake up in the morning (so I thought it was real). The first thing I always do is take a drink, then go to my window, open the blind and smoke. Sure enough, that's what I did. I was standing there for a minute or so as usual, when suddenly, I saw some strange things. Plants were moved. Like they weren't where they should be. They were casually thrown all over the place. Then I looked at the clouds and they seemed really dark strange. People seemed different. Everyone looked as if they were in deep thought. Then I saw a BIKE floating upward! It flew so high! Then, out of nowhere, a huge shadow was cast over everything. I looked up and couldn't believe my eyes. It was a planet!!!! A very weird looking planet right above earth and it looked like it was getting closer!

I freaked and ran down stairs, yelling for Mum and her husband. When I got into the living room, I found a very shaken up Adrian. 'Adrian, have you seen it?!!', I yelled. He went on to tell me that it's been on the news all day. Earth's orbit has decayed for some reason, and we're now drifting through space. The planet wasn't getting closer to us. WE were getting closer to it!

Everything was screwing up. There were patches where gravity wasn't quite right, so people were going there and floating for fun. Other weird things were happening everywhere. Everything was wrong and scary. There were new things in the sky. Tiny little moons in the distance.

I'm calling my friends to see how they are. Nobody seems particularly shaken up.

Then I find myself in a bar with some friends. Nobody seems to wanna talk about what's happening. Infact, there's a sense of calm and fun all around. I bump into my aunt who's talking to her friend about a new job offer. I hear her say 'I'm gonna go for it cos it's more money than what I'm on now'. I then wonder WHY that's a concern when we're all gonna be dead soon anyways!!

Then I'm in the mens restroom talking to guys about what's goin on. It's like they're scared to talk about it. 'How are we gonna survive without the sun? We need it for energy, food........and the Moon. Our gravity's fucked without it!!! The tide wont come in and out anymore!!'. They finally seem interested in what I'm saying.

The dream then moves again, back to my house. Adrian's watching TV again. 'Steven, they have a date now. And they've named it'. 'A date for what?', I asked. 'The end of the world', he replied. We look at the tv and there's some American guy on there giving a speech about humans and our way of life and how we all need to come together in the best of human spirits. Then another guy comes on giving the special announcement. He looks sad. '......in a time of fear for all of us, but The phenomenon known as 'Po Paul' will occur on September 10, 2010'.

Then I wake up! What the hell is 'Po Paul'?! lol!

I'm freaked here!

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