Wednesday, 9 April 2008

R.I.P Larry


I had no idea about this story until I stumbled upon it today. I can't say anything more than what Ellen said, but jeez, will this world ever grow up and change?!

Way to go Ellen!





R.I.P LARRY...xx



sneezy7125 said...

Aww, Ellen covered that wonderfully. She's got such a good heart.
And she (and you) are right. People are ridiculous. Gay or straight doesn't affect anything. A person is a person no matter what. Anybody that discriminates in such a way around me (and I've had it happen) gets told right off the bat that my two best friends on this entire earth are gay men— you and Kyle, and I'll love them til the day I die, and beyond. So people can just go *ahum* somewhere... with all their negativity and closed-minded ignorance.

Love you Stevie

motoxmom72 said...

Wow....thanks for sharing that, Stevie.  I work when Ellen's show is on. I love her.  I applaud her for what she said.  Change.  It's what we need.  Amen.

emabecmar said...

so sad. Rest in Peace Larry, and may God be with his family at this time of need. ((((((hugs))))))))))
Love ya,
Cindy xoxoxo

nightmaremom said...

Bravo Ellen.... Bravo Ste for bringing this out.  I don't get to see Ellen.. ya know that fake job I have....   and I hadn't heard this story either.  Sad indeed.  My prayers and thoughts go out to all the families......  

love ya

::wiping tears::  On a more laid back note...  whatcha doin checkin out Ellen?  Missing someone maybe?  :)~   K... sorry probably bad joke and bad time.. but I had to lighten it up a bit *hugs*

jeadie05 said...

As she says we are all Jan xx

ally123130585918 said...

Stevie I had not heard about this ~ but well done to Ellen ~ and you for letting us see that video ~ Ally x

luddie343 said...

Unfortunately, it's easy to say "I dont care what people think" but the truth is OTHER people care what you think if you're gay.  They may not like it, they may get so angry they'll beat you silly.  Or shoot you.  I've seen other prejudices pass into history, and this one will too - but in the time it'll take, good people will die, children even.  Such a horrible message to send, reminds me of when folks said AIDS is God's punishment for gays.  It might take more prominent people coming out, like politicians, movie stars, and more upper class types, but look what happens while we wait and hope.  Not enough, we should ACT.  CATHY  

nhd106 said...

I didn't know Ellen did this.  God I love her.  
Thanks so much for posting this.    Terribly sad, but of the utmost importance.


pamal3 said...

So sad. It never fails to amaze me what we keep seeing so often. That poor wee treasure. Ellen was spot on. Love Pam xx