Saturday, 17 May 2008

A dedication....


Hey's it goin?


Feels like aaages since I posted on here. I've been so busy!

I need to remind people about the voice clips for the 'Perfect day' song. I've had a few back, but am still waiting for many, and so many people were interested, I can't possibly remember all the! There's one or two that I know about and it's my fault that I haven't done them, namely Jan. Sorry hun..WE WILL get time to do it. Let me know when you're ready..:-) Everyone else, I emailed you your lines..please get them to me as soon as you can. Thanks.

Well it's been a busy few weeks with various stuff, but on Monday and Tuesday, I crammed in 3 courses that I've been taking. One was for sexual health. I can't believe some of the stuff I discovered. Without going too much into detail, did you know that before 2003, it was only considered rape if there had been vaginal penetration? Any other kind of penetration wasn't considered rape and the sentence would be considerably less...How ridiculous is that?! Rape is rape, vaginal or not in my opinion!

We also did work on violent relationships and their mental effect on the victim and those around them, so I recorded a new video yesterday and I'd like to dedicate it to those who do suffer emotional or physical abuse in any way from their partners or any loved ones. Love shouldn't hurt!! This also goes out to my Mum who raised me and my brother pretty much on her own under difficult circumstances. Mothers really do rock! xx




ukgal36 said...

looking good baby..and your room is tidy...LOL
miss me some love huh??

nightmaremom said...

LOL at Lyn's comment... but she is right you look good babe...  hair got long again...  it grows fast.. hmmm.. wait... it's been forever since I seen ya!!!   You gotta many to show some love to... :)~   Song is great...  you did a nice job and dedication is so true... way too many out there that are abused.   Take care of you and stay happy
love ya

attitudeslc said...

If the others don't come through LMK and I will give you a hand.


sneezy7125 said...

Awww, Stevie... this song is GORGEOUS. (And so are you, by the way... I like that shirt... among other things.) I love your singing soo much, your voice is amazing.

Did you clean up your room this time because of our comments on how messy it was last time? lol see, I knew you'd listen to me =P

That rape thing is weirddd... what's wrong with the world? Glad they changed it though, and I totally agree with you.

Talk soon, love you!

PS-- LOL to the robe in the background.

pamal3 said...

Hey Stranger! lol. Good to see you back. Love the song and the sentiment behind It. I can't wait for the finished article for the J-Land song. Love Pam xx

jeadie05 said...

Hi Steve will you be around tomorrow morning not to early lol I have hurt my back so am not very mobile Jan xx

nhd106 said...

Hi there,
You sound wonderful...what a sweet song.


hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((STEVIE))))))))))))))))))))what a nice song.Have a good weekend.

lisita15 said...

Hey Stevie!!! love the video!!! have a great day!!! drop by and see my pics.. lisa

mansnott said...

Beautiful song Ste. take care love Gazzxx

mastersblynn said...


ally123130585918 said...

Stevie you have been busy cramming in 3 courses ~ all 3 sound interesting and worthwhile ~ I agree "Mothers do Rock"  ~ Loved the Video ~ Ally x

cgtperkins said...

Thats great!!! Thanks for sharing!!

luddie343 said...

How great is this!?  Sounds like a guest-shot on "Desp Hwives" is needed, you can be the cute singer from UK who everyone gets a crush on, what say lol?  O btw I realize now I have to sing that line WITHOUT music (duh) so I'm still trying to get it to you, what about Skype?  MORE SINGING AND PHOTOS!!!  xoxo CATHY