Sunday, 13 July 2008

Falling Apart


Oh my god, it's been an absolutely MENTAL week!!

A death, a funeral, new job, new friends, almost drowned on a canoe trip, lost my ring that I've had for YEARS and watched part of my family crumble away bit by bit which today resulted in my Aunt running away from Sheffield without telling any of us where she's gone.

I can't believe it. I know she'll be back someday, but she has some angry people after her (her husband and sons), all because she wants to live her own life, so she probably wont be back any time soon.

She's been staying here with me for the past 2 nights while Mum and Adrian were away in Ireland for the funeral of his sister. I'm so sad to see her go..:-(


New song....Ironic that it's called 'Falling Apart', but it's just coincidence. I'd planned this song before today's events. :-(


Falling Apart - MP3 download


or Link to video


Thanks guys.



sneezy7125 said...

Aww, Stevie... *kisses*
We already talked about this so you know my thoughts on it. But in case you forgot, just remember that I'm always here for you. =)
Things will get better, don't you worry.

I love you

nightmaremom said...

aawww sweets I'm so sorry to hear of all the things happening on your side of the pond.  New friends sounds good tho :)  Keep smilin babes things will pick up.... and know I'm here if you need...  love the song by the way... and damn your hair got long!!!
love ya

heavenlybama said...

Aw.....sorry things are rough right now  They have to get better right?  Love the song!

ally123130585918 said...

Stevie I hope your Aunt will be OK  and hopefully she will contact you to let you know she is safe ~ You have had a lot to cope with ~ sorry you lost your ring ~ Just hope things will get better for you ~ Loved your song ~ Ally x

gazker said...

I lost my ring years ago ;-)
Gaz x

eml625 said...

Hey sweetie, dropping by to give you some much needed love and support !
You sound awesome too. Love the song.
If ya ever want to chat, hit me up babe.
Hugs and love
Mrs. Soprano

ukgal36 said...

sorry to hear all this my love...
here if you need me..
big love

pharmolo said...

Sorry to hear you had a rotten week, Stevie. Deaths in the family can bring out the worst - and the best in people. Give it some time.


hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((((STEVIE)))))))))))))))))))))))I am so sorry that you are going through alot.I am sorry for your loss and I hope and pray that your Aunt is ok.We all love you.

mansnott said...

Sorry to hear bout your aunt having to leave suddenly,hopefull things will workout so you be together pretty soon. Hope you find the ring. Love the song your voice makes it even better. Lve Gazzxxx Take care

luddie343 said...

Ste you didnt lose the ring you just cant see it now.  Same with people you know?  We dont lose them they're still around we just dont see them.  As for auntie, maybe going to that kind of trouble just to live life on her terms is, well, pretty brave.  I'm glad she's near you.  Been checking all the vids you collected, this last one has such a deep feel to it, you can only get better.  xoxo CATHY

pprrrr39 said...

Sorry to hear about all the things that have been going on.

The video is GREAT and very apt
hugs Jayne