Thursday, 17 July 2008


Dogs are barking on the estate..NON STOP!!
They're driving me insane!!!!!
This has never happened before. They sound like they're outside. Why don't the owners just take them in?! Ours dogs are barking back so we're getting stressed having to tell them to shut up all the time too.
I wonder if everything's ok over there? It seems odd that nobody's telling them to be quiet..not even the owners.
This on a day that we find out there's two masked gunmen in the area.....GREAT!!
UPDATE - 2:39am
Ahhhhh, it's stopped....hell yeah!!


nightmaremom said...

with two masked gunmen I'd want them barking...  will keep them at bay...  
you best stay in and lock up tight...  damn what the hell they doing in your neighborhood anyway???????
love ya

ally123130585918 said...

Sevie glad the dog's stopped barking ~ maybe those masked Gunmen were lurking around their properties and they were doing a good job keeping them out ~ Hope the Police caught them it is a bit scary having gunmen about ~ Ally x

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((((STEVIE)))))))))))))))))))))))))I hope they cought the gunmen and glad the dogs stoped baarking.Hve a nice day.

gazker said...

Maybe the gun men shot the dogs?
Gaz ;-)

patrice21459 said...


luddie343 said...

Yikes.  I read the sound of a bark, over and over, affects a part of our brain that makes you irritated enuf strangle something - or someone lol like guys w/guns and masks.  Hey Ste, catch any flies lately? bees? bugs? fishies? lol XO CATHY sorry couldnt help it lmao    

emabecmar said...

continuous dog barking drives me nuts, but i do like doggies, just the quiet ones, lol. (((((((Hugs))))))))))
Love ya,
Cindy xoxoxo

pprrrr39 said...

Awwwwww i sympathise with you..... its almost as bad as a phone ringing and noone answering it. I have that everyday with my daughters dog........ the lady opposite has a dog walker who calls to collect her dog, the woman probably has another 6-8 dogs in her car, so when she gets out to collect the dog they all start howling and barking setting this one off........... ho hum....all good fun.......... NOT !!!!......... lol
hugs Jayne

zoepaul6968 said...

go buy some steaks and throw them outside,at least they cant bark when theyre eating,jesus Id have got myself a gun by now hun zoe xxxxxxxxxxxxx