Saturday, 5 July 2008

Interview and Pics entry..:-)

I got this from the wonderful Lyn over at 'Brits Blog'.
1. What was the highlight of your day? Having a blast with friends in the early hours of this morning (see pics)!










2. How many meals do you usually eat a day? It varies. Not usually more than two.


3. What's your favorite movie? 'Forrest Gump', which is ironic 'cos I tend not to watch it 'cos it makes me too!




4. Have you ever thought George Clooney was hot? No way, although I do have a thing for older guys..:-)


5. Have you ever doubted your sexual orientation? Not so much doubted, but wondered, sure!

6. How long has it been since you have seen an ex? A few weeks. How awkward!

7. Name 5 of your best friends. Hannah, Natalie, Craig, Darryl and Sam



Me and Hannah


Craig, Sam and me


My cousin Libby, me and Darrly


Natalie and Me


8. Would you ever consider moving to Zimbabwe? Depends what the reason was. If it was to sweep streets, then hell no, but if it was to live the high life, then maybe!    


9. What would you do if someone dyed your pubic hairs bright pink permanently? Congratulate them for doing it without my knowledge. That deserves respect and a hand shake!


9. Would you ever dye your hair pink (the hair on your head)??? It'd have to snow on the hills of hell before I did that!

10. When was the last time you had Starbucks? Last week...(had same thing as Lyn - 'Strawberries and Cream mocca-bocca-froppa-chocca-cino')


11. Are you single? Nope

12. What is your opinion on global warming.  It's scary stuff and we need to work together to tackle it.


13. What about abortion? I'd rather someone have an abortion than bring a baby into the world that can't be looked after or will have poor quality of life.


14. Which would you rather star in: High School Musical or Striptease? High School Musical baby!!

15. What's the worst movie you've ever seen? I forget what it's called. It's a Tom Cruise has raining frogs in it and stuff. Oh my word, that movie offended me! Actually, I think it was called 'Magnolia' or something.


16. How many times do you sneeze a day? Dozens in summer!


17. Are you an "adult"? Physically, yes..:-)


18. Where do you live? Sheffield, 'U OF K'! (United of Kingdom? Hmm)

19. Have you ever thought Michael Jackson was going to kidnap you? Lol...funnily enough, the thought never occurred to me. Why, do you know something that I don't?


20. What color hair do you have?  Brown (but often looks black!)


21. Would you rather have a hybrid vehicle or a Hummer? Oh I feel so stupid here, but I know little about cars, so I don't know the difference in this question.


22. Who is prettier: Angelina Jolie or Kate Bosworth?  I like Kate. 

23. What do you think about the tabloids? 
Can't believe everything you read, and they can be vicious!!

24. Have you ever been to Texas? No...I'd like to go, but someone once told me that it's notoriously anti-gay, so I'm quite scared. Although, I'd like to go FOR that!


25. Would you want to go? Oops..just answered this up above!

26. Do you wear a watch? Yes, but it stopped working months ago, and yesterday, the number six fell off and now it freely shakes around inside the!

27. Have you ever had the sensation that you were falling while asleep?  Oh yes...I think we all have haven't we?


28. Would you rather work at Goodwill or McDonalds? I have no idea what 'Goodwill' is, but I detest McDonalds!

29. Whatdo you think about Britney Spears' 16 year old sis getting pregnant? I think the situation is magnified just because of who she is.

30. Do you recycle? I do when I'm able to, yes.


OK, I hope some of you will take up the challenge.... copy and paste and answer the questions.  (Leave me a link so I can check out your answers).



frankandmary said...

Bright pink pubic hair?  Uhm, ok. YIKES
;-0.  Thank you for the comment a while back & yes, we both did lose touch with each other over time, but you brought us back :-).

nightmaremom said...

LOL good answers babe....  started to comment on number 21... but decided it best be private.... :::evil grin::
love ya

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((((((((STEVIE))))))))))))))))))))))Nce pics

specialadyfink said...

Those 'lucky' girls and  f-Forrest Gump is one of my favs also.

heavenlybama said...

Here are my answers Stevie!

gazker said...

I loved question 9, but would have swapped hand shake for a hand shandy lolololol. Well what did you expect from me huh? This is one of my rare internet connected moments.
Gaz xx