Friday, 11 May 2007

Breaking from the 'Norm'...


Ok, so I've seen a few weird things listed on Ebay in my time, so I thought it was time to add something strange of my own...LOL!

Please click HERE to see how low I've!


Well ya never know! People will buy anything these days! lol!


Hope everyone's well out there. It's only a short entry tonight, but I have to fill out a 'Meme' thingy as Lyn tagged me. I'll get ya back someday Lyn! lol!


Lv Ste



nightmaremom said...

ROFLMAO!!!  Thanks babes... needed a laugh... so tense with the boys down 3-2... shout out, k?

lanurseprn said...

ROFLMAO!!!  I don't think that box is big enough 'cause you are SO FUNNY!! If you get some bids you gotta TELL us! LOL!

aniracj said...

Tee hee, and then theres me selling an Apple ipod........!!!

seraphoflove9001 said...

ROFLOL!!!!!! I loved it!!!! :o) I love the part where you take no responabilities! LOL ;o) bidders yet!

jeadie05 said...

Well done Steve ,proving yet again there is nothing wrong with your sense of humour, Jan xx

jmoqueen said...

LOL that's funny ~ you must keep us informed if anyone buys one ;-)


fisherkristina said...

Oh, Ste, I think I am going to die laughing!  And the bidding has started!  I think this is a great idea!  You have quite a sense of humor.

Krissy :)

gazker said...

Hello Matey, I have just popped over to say hi, to the new Stevie.
Gaz xxx

luddie343 said...

...wonder if I can sell my *lack* of sense of GSOH?  Good luck mate.  xoxo CATHY

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