Sunday, 6 May 2007

'New Beginnings'

Entry 1
Incase you have no idea who I am and have just discovered me, then this is me shamelessly posing for the first entry of my new journal.^ I wanted an artsy look....Hmmm, dunno if it worked..LOL!
Now, if you DO know me already, then..........
If you're reading this, I'm glad 'cos that means I managed to let you all know that I've changed aol screen names. Well infact, I totally changed accounts! I am no longer an aol customer. I'm logged on here as a guest using my Stepdad's wireless networking thingy.
Basically, it just means that I no longer have the AOL bills anymore, but I can still write my journal.
I've recently moved back into my Mum's place until I get back on my feet, and I thought I'd be able to use the internet on my PC without problem, but for some reason, as my brother's in my old house now, everytime he went online, it would boot me off aol completely, even though he doesn't even use aol!
I then found out that he was booting me off INTENTIONALLY to prove a point. Like, 'If I want to go online, you have to stay off until I'm finished' kinda thing. That kinda REALLY pissed me off. Not only did he want and take my house, he takes my internet too? No bloody way, so as the internet connection in my old house was mine and I was still paying for it, I cancelled it today, no questions asked. Problem solved....for me anyways. My somewhat devious brother has some sorting out to do. My heart bleeds.
Anyways, I'm waiting to hear back from a place that I handed an application form into the other day. It's only a supermarket thing called 'Tesco's', but it's a job and it's always easier to find work while you're already in a job, so that's my plan. I'm sending for my provisional license next week hopefully, so soon after that, I'm starting my driving lessons. I'm confident. I know I can do it if I can just keep a cool head about things.
Remember 'Ross' from 'Madison 5'? Well he's coming here tomorrow for a singing session. Apparently, 'Madison 5' is dying of death as another member left, so he's unhappy and wants to team up with me. Funny how things turn out right? lol!
I'm so excited about life lately. As I mentioned before, me and Anthony are starting again with our relationship. We're going out on our 'First Date' next week. I'm taking him to the cinema and we're going for a meal. When we split up, I realised everything that we never did. You know, we never had ONE single date before we got together?! We met, got together the day after, and then slept at each other's houses every night for 5 years! That was it. No romance, no walking to the door and waiting for a kiss goodnight, no buying of the odd red rose after a date, just.... nothing, so this time, I'm gonna do it right, and I can't wait!
Losing the house and splitting with Anthony has given me a whole new lease of life and I can't control myself. I'm gonna join the gym soon (or just go regularly) and also learn how to swim at our local baths. That's one thing that's always subtley bothered me in the back of my head, so I'm gonna bite the bullet and dive in head first (pardon the pun).lol!
Also, I have a bloody eye infection this week. It's driving me mental, all swollen and red and stuff...grrrr!!
Here's an old favourite of mine that I recently re-discovered. These are the opening titles...Brilliant show!
I LURRRRVE this song!
Anyways, I'm really rambling here, so I'll be off until next time, but thanks for reading and I hope you're all well,


nightmaremom said...

I am so happy for you babes... a new door has opened and I'm glad you are walking through and not just looking at it.  hehehehe... has Adam tried to get on line yet?  
Love ya

nightmaremom said...

Hey you added the picture since I was last here.  LOVE IT!!!!!

rdautumnsage said...

Pardon me for saying this hon, but your brother is an ass. I'm happy for you. Sometimes life is like that you have to dump everything you know and start over. Keeping you in my prayers on the smoke this will be the new beginning you have been waiting for. Here's an idea for you for work on the side. How about you teaching singing lessons? Email me hon......(Hugs) Indigo

my78novata said...

Oh im so sorry your brother is doing that to you. But IM glad you got a way back on. welcome abck

sneezy7125 said...

Where was I when all this was happening? Please inform me as to what's going on, I feel so out of the loop in your life recently. Why wasn't I aware that you completely changed screen names and accounts? We need to talk ASAP, mister.


z7snowflake said...

hello I like  ur new place

lisita15 said...

Stevie!!! I'm here... so glad Donna posted, otherwise, I would have been out of the loops... don't forget to drop by and visit!!! love, lisa

dougsbabygirl31 said...

So glad that you are doing well... Romance is a BIG deal. Good for you I will keep my fingers crossed for you. Your brother needs to remember that what goes around comes around..... He will get his!!! Tawnya

iamddannyboy said...

D asked that I stop and say hi.  When a beautiful lady asks, I always listen.  Never been to the other journal, but I will stop back here.  Any friend of hers is a friend of mine.  

emabecmar said...

(((((((((((Stevie))))))))))))) I love your new outlook on life. You sound so positive, and headed for the right direction. I am so proud of you. What is wrong with your brother? How can he be so mean to you? Good for you for cancelling the internet service. I've missed you. You didn't say, but do we need to give you addy's of journals again? I'll add mine just in case you do need them.
Love ya my friend,
Cindy xoxo

angelfire63663 said...

Hi Stevie, glad to find you again. Every since I chnage Screen names I was blocked from your now old journal.  
Seems like you got things planned out for you and I hope they all fall into place.
At least I now know I'm not the only one with an evil brother.....maybe we should team up and fix thier butts  lol !  

Hugs  Angelfire6363 fromerly Clean1096  aka Diane

queeniemart said...

GOOD luck with your new beginnings!!!!!!!!!!!
lisa jo

kirkbyj05 said...

Great to see you up and running again Stevie....and new beginnings eh?   Excelllent!  
I love the photograph.  Good luck with you and Anthony and your new job.  Things are looking up again.  Wonderful!    Jeanie

patrice21459 said...

Hi Ste,
It's Mum here. Don't be too hard on your Brother, he had problems too. We both know you couldn't afford to keep the house because you haven't enough income at the mo.
Ad's just " looking after it for you for a while"
I love you both very much and I have to be there for the both of you doing what needs most.
Love having you back home by the way but it's great to have your Brother back in his home town too.
Love ya sweetie  x x x

jeadie05 said...

Iam so pleased you have posted again with news of what is happening in your life ,it all sounds very positive ,good luck with Tescos ,take care Steve Jan xx

edwardssoapy said...

Hi Stevie, glad to have you back! Good luck with everything in the future. It all sounds very positive.

I really should start swimming again! I gave up after my operation cause I had a horrible phobia of drowning, but I am determined to conquer it one day.

I LOVE Dido! I have both her albums, but I have never seen "Roswell".

Have a great day mate!
Leigh :-)"

gaboatman said...

Welcome back.  As we journey down this path called life, we sometimes have to reinvent ourselves.  I wish you well with the job application and perhaps soemthing will come of the sessions you and Ross are going to be doing.  I wish you luck with that.

brodietrish said...

Hi Ste, Nice to hear you sounding so positive, Hope things are going to improve daily, Love Pat x

katie39041 said...

Welcome back i am a new reader to your journal. I have heard a lot of good stuff about you from other journals. But you went private, so i could never gain access. Good for being so positive. I wish i could get someone to take me out on a date. I hope you both have a brilliant time.

seraphoflove9001 said...

Ste...Welcome back! Didn't your brother get married? Just asking. You sound great! :o) Hugs to you! xxx

aniracj said...

Welcome back Ste, have missed you!!! as always you are on alerts! love Joan

gotomaria said...

Well, hello.  I found your changed link through your biggest fan...Donna from This That and Hockey.   I loved that show Roswell.  Good luck and good thinking about the AOL change. Hope you and your brother get things worked out eventually.    One thing about hard feelings...they are hard to get rid of.   Take it easy and good luck with your new journal.  Maria  

chat2missie said...

Welcome back Stevie.  Have a good week.

justplainbill said...

Ste, it is good to see you back. Good luck with the new beginnings. Bill

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Sounds like Dido...Is it...glad to have ya back have a great week..and will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!  Hugs,TerryAnn

ukgal36 said...

I'm here... will write you ya babe..

lanurseprn said...

Hi Stevie! I found out about your new journal through Donna!  You sound so happy! I'm so glad things are going well for you. You're such a sweetie and you deserve the good things in life.
Hugs...Pam XOXOXOX

penniepooh said...

It`s a good thing sometimes to start fresh. I hope things go well for you. :)

southernmush said...

Hello Stevie !!!!!!!

Remember me ??? I was a visitor to your old journal and I hadn't got your new journal address until a few minutes ago. Everytime I went to your old journal a note popped up saying "This Is A Private Journal please sign in under a different name" so I could NEVER visit you. I didn't know you had a new journal. I am so so so very glad that you have returned. I didn't know if I would ever hear from you again. I am so glad your back !!!!!!!!!!

Here is my link if you want to visit my place -------->
Please do feel free to come by and say hello.

princesssaurora said...

I am glad you are still on aol... it's free now stateside anyhow...


be well,