Wednesday, 20 June 2007

The evolution of moi!


Hey everyone, how's it goin?


I've been bitten by the video making bug again lately, and after being inspired by a friend of mine who's also made a video like this of herself, I decided to make one too.

I think everyone should do one of these. They're a real eye opener!! lol! Go us what you got!




Hope you're all well. I'm gonna start going through links and adding them to my fave journals area soon, then I can start visiting you all again!


Bye for now!




amy122389 said... freaking cute are you?!?!?  I loved that!!


edwardssoapy said...

Hey Stevie!

Brilliant videom I loved that! How did you put the moving writing on the screen? I always wonder how people do that. Hope you're doing well.

Best wishes,
Leigh :-)"

jeadie05 said...

That was delightful ,you were a lovely little boy ,I liked the last one with the cap lol Jan xx

seraphoflove9001 said...

Ste....absolutly loved it!!! :o) I would love to know how to do one of those. :o)
Hugs to you!

nightmaremom said...

STEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!  That was awesome.  You're precious... then and now.  You haven't changed... well 'cept for maybe your hair color.  Ummmm... leave it dark, eh?  :)~  I just fell in love with ya all over again.

dougsbabygirl31 said...

That was really cool!! You were such a cute kid! Well, and still a cute kid (to me). Tawnya

emabecmar said...

Awwwwww, your baby pics are absolutely adorable. And I loved watching this video. Awesome job. ((((((((hugs))))))))))
Love ya,

sneezy7125 said...

Awww, twenty four years of pure adorable.
It's no wonder we all love you so much. This solidifies it for sure.
Thanks for sharing that with us :-)


heavenlybama said...

I loved it!  Thanx for sharing.  I don't know how to make a vid like this though.

robinngabster said...

Lovely...what is a real eye opener is you were just a babe in 1985 and that is when I graduated high school!