Wednesday, 20 June 2007


Hey folks,
Well I feel the need to vent on some stuff, so here goes.
JOSEPH ('Any Dream Will Do' - BBC 1 - UK)
We had a talent show here called 'Any Dream Will Do' in which so many guys had to compete to win the lead role on London's West End stage as Joseph in 'Joseph and his amazing technicolor dream coat'. All that is fine and dandy, and they had some really talented and great contestants! 
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However, this included one guy (Lee Mead) that had ALREADY previously done work on the West End, and had been an understudy in the 'Joseph' play itself. Now, don't get me wrong, he's a great singer, looks the part and works hard, BUT is it really fair to pit a guy who's more or less a West End professional against a group of guys that have NO experience being on stage at all?! I DON'T THINK SO!! Right from the off, I said 'The only one I don't want to win is the guy who's already been there, done that, 'cos it's not fair on everyone else'! I don't think that's unreasonable for me to say?! Anyways, toward the end of the tv show, singer 'Josh Groban' was asked to to listen to all of the remaining contestants and pick out which one he wanted to duet with live on stage of 'Any Dream Will Do'. Who did he pick?, I hear you cry.........Lo and behold, he chose 'Lee Mead'. Again, Lee's previous experience shone out, leaving the other 'normal' guys with regular jobs doing backing vocals and looking like idiots on stage. Again, NOT FAIR, as this only gave Lee even more publicity than he already had anyways! Oh, it gets me so angry. That tv show should've been open to anyone, but also with the following rule:  'Previous employees of the West End need not apply' and that's all there is to it. I watched every episode, but toward the end, it was clear who was going to win, so I stopped. The point of these kind of tv shows is to discover NEW talent from a normal background. Ya know, kinda has a feel good factor to it, NOT to dredge up old has been West End performers who've been there, done that, bought the T-shirt and sold it on Ebay!
Anyway, here's the vid.


Unfair talent show ^




July 1st smoking ban (UK)
Ok, none smokers in the UK are rejoicing in the knowledge that cigarettes are to be banned in all indoor public places as from July 1st. Even though I am a smoker, I have to say, I DO agree with this and I'll tell ya for why!
1. Even if you're a smoker yourself and you're smoking inside a pub along with your mates, you're also breathing in everyone else's smoke at the same time, which means you might as well light up 10 cigarettes at a time! Surely you only wanna be smoking the one you have in your hand! Everyone thinks about the NONE smokers indoors, but even the smokers are gonna be dying younger than they would if they were just smoking ONE alone.
2. I've never smoked in enclosed public places anyways, so it's not going to affect me. I always smoke outside, even when I'm at another smokers house, I just cannot sit in a house and smoke (unless it's out of my bedroom window).
3. I WILL be having a cigarette outside as normal. If I can see the sky above me, I will light up!
(Yes, I know I should stop, and I will!!)
Britain's got talent
YES, finally, a tv show got it right!!! I know that Americans have 'America's got talent' so I wont bother explaining about the show as you'll already know, but we had so many contestants who were really talented at the things they do, be it bottle juggling, twirling, dancing, acrobatics, singing, you name it, we had it. The winner gets to perform in front of the Queen at the 'Royal variety performance' this year. Eventually, it was clear that the competition was going to be fought out between two singers. Connie, and Paul Potts. Connie is the sweetest little girl I've ever seen and has the voice of an angel (see video), and Paul is a retail guy in 'Carphone Warehouse' and was bullied his entire life, but has an incredible voice! (See audition tapes). Now, most of the people I know were voting for Connie, and I have to admit, I kinda wanted her to win too. I mean, look at her! Who wouldn't want her to win, and her voice is incredible, but again, I felt that this was just another gimmick. Take one sweet girl, add a great voice, everyone's 'Ooh'ing and 'Ahhhh'ing all night long, leaving the normal guy with a normal job hanging. Well, NOT this time!! Paul won £10,000 and also secured his place to sing in front of the queen at the variety show, also safely securing my faith in the British Public once again. Besides, Connie's WAY younger and is going to go on to bigger things anyways! You'll see!


Sweet and talented Connie sweeps the judges away!





Paul Potts (The Winner Of 'Britain's Got Talent')


The Gate Crasher nightclub (Sheffield)
Incase you haven't read, I made a comment in an earlier entry about a club in Sheffield called 'Gate Crasher' which burned down a few days ago. In my entry, I said how I wasn't going to 'Shed any tears' over this loss, but that I was glad that nobody was hurt. The club is well known for fighting and hard drug abuse. Well, I've had a few NASTY emails and comments (now deleted) from people who I seem to have offended. Apparently, I'm talking 'Boll***s!' because I never actually went there myself. They say that I can't judge a place if I've not been myself, which I have to agree with......MOST OF THE TIME!
Let me just say, one of these angry people's only defence was something like this:  'Ok, there was a drug problem, but that's there in every club', which I suppose is kinda true, but he also made out as though Drugs actually promoted these places and were good for club culture. 'Take the Beatles for example', he/she said. Well that's the WORST example of anything I've EVER read in my entire life. The Beatles did it?? Oh, well it MUST be ok then!! Actually, this only proved my own point to myself. THESE kinda people, with THAT kind of mentality are the people that 'Gate Crasher' attracted, hence why I'm not sad to see it go. Case closed, and it just proves that sometimes, you don't have to go somewhere to judge it. Common sense takes over! ;-)
So there, that's my little rant!
I'm not in a bad mood, I swear, but I just had a lot to get off my chest, and that was it....I can chill out!
Hope you're all well!


jeadie05 said...

Wow Steve what alot to get off your chest in one go lol ,hope you feel better now Jan xx http://journals

aniracj said...

Its like 'whatserface' that won x-factor last year, she already had a recording contract with some bods in america, albeit as backing or something like that.....again she should not have been in the competition as it is meant for normal folk that have no eperience!! Makes me angry! Hope all is well with you Ste, love Joan

seraphoflove9001 said...

Smoking here in Ohio has been banned big time too! I'm not happy. You can smoke in your your house and on your property and thats it! It makes no sense! They have signs up with numbers to call if someone see's anyone smoking outside...and I do while I'm walking ...and I say, PROVE it! It makes no sense to me. I'm so sorry hon. I'm with you on all of this.
Hugs to you.

edwardssoapy said...

Hello Stevie!

Rant away! We don't care! I'm just glad you're feeling better now! I hope you're sitting comfortably because I fear this will become one of those LONG comments, lol!

I watched the 'Any Dream Will Do' programme. I wrote an entry in my blog about it too. I didn't like Lee Mead, the winner. I didn't want him to win at all. He had a good voice but in my opinion, he came across on T.V as arrogant and it seemed as if he 'looked down on' others. I agree the ending was predictable.

The smoking ban has been implemented in Wales since April. To be honest, I would've thought England would've been one of the first places to enforce the ban.

I absolutely loved 'Britain's Got Talent'! It was so refreshing to watch the contestants on stage, not just singing, but they could do anything. I wish there were more talent shows like this one!

I loved Connie's performance of 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow'. She has an amazing voice for someone so young. That song alwways gets me emotional! What can I say about Paul? I'm so glad he won! Everytime he sang opera, the hairs stood up on the back of my neck. 'America's Got Talent' starts on Friday on ITV2... can't wait!

There ya go, that's my rambling over with, LOL!
Have a great evening.
Leigh :-)"

nightmaremom said...

Babe.. I could write a book of a reply but I won't bore you....... instead can I just say again you're precious.  LOL  I'm going back to your video.  LOL
love ya

amy122389 said...

I saw Paul Potts' performance a few days ago and had tears in my eyes at the end of it.  Simply amazing.  If I could have called and voted, I would have.  :)


heavenlybama said...

Smoking has been banned in all public places here (except for bars....New York has done that already).  I like going out to clubs for music and dancing but I can't stand the smoke.  I've been a non-smoker for 12 yrs. now (best thing I've ever done).  Kudos to you for respecting others who don't smoke.

rooster2092 said...

on Joseph - I tend to agree... though I just didnt like him.... Keith... may not have entirely looked the part... but was my favourite

on smoking - people tend to forget why this ban was being introduced... and it has nothing to do with the public... it's about protecting the worker... its about my right to work wherever I am capable, without having to fear that I could be becoming unhealthy... this is not the only instance where workers health has changed working conditions. From a business perspective though... its another nail in the coffin for the pub industry... one of many that labour have put into it during thier reign (and I say reign)

Britains Got Talent - Meh.... didnt catch my interest

club - I think its wrong to assume a club has a drug issue because they are known for it unless you've seen it... (we have this issue with our pub... the local area spins the story that we have a drug issue in the pub... when its a fact that it hasnt had a drug issue in almost 15 years) that being said... its just as wrong to assume every club has a drug issue


ala1086 said...

Hi,  enjoyed your rant - often indulge myself!  Did feel the need to make a point though - your comment about Joseph - by the time Josh Groban got involved and chose Lee to sing with him, the other 4 remaining contestants were - 2 full time students at the Italia Conti stage school, 1 student at another performing arts college, and the fifth had competed in either Pop Idol or X Factor, and has since spent several years working professionally on the cabaret circuit.  Of the other seven, all but one had stage school/professional experience behind them.  Hardly, ordinary working blokes!!
Paul Potts from Britain's got talent has had formal singing training and has competed in other singing competitions.
It is a lovely fantasy to think that any of us could step up and win somethning like this - but the sad fact is, no-one has the ability to star in a West End production with no previous experience or training, and, although it dents our fantasy, think of the people who will buy tickets - at least they'll get something dceent to watch.

steviemoore83 said...

'It is a lovely fantasy to think that any of us could step up and win somethning like this - but the sad fact is, no-one has the ability to star in a West End production with no previous experience or training, and, although it dents our fantasy, think of the people who will buy tickets - at least they'll get something dceent to watch.'

Well I kinda agree, but if that were the case, then why open the audition to ANYONE? If they wanted someone with experience, they should advertise accordingly. Thanks for your opinion though. We all got different ones, right?
Also, while I know the others had some singing experience, my point is, they've never been on the west end before or in such a serious role as Lee already had. The one that I wanted to win actually works on the checkout in 'Tesco's'. That seems like an ordinary job to me.

Thanks for your comment. Hope all's well!