Monday, 25 June 2007

Not the sharpest knife in the kitchen.........

Isn't it strange how some silly things that people once said can always stay with you? You can go for years and start to forget it, but the smallest thing can bring it all back?
This is going to sound hilarious, but since I was a kid, I've often been referred to as being like 'Jerry Lewis' and 'Frank Spencer' (played by Michael Crawford in the uk tvshow 'Some mothers do 'ave 'em). My Mum was the one who started it, and to be honest, I can see what she! In later years, I've been compared to 'Jim Carrey' aswell. Now, if you think about it, Lewis, Crawford and Carey are very alike. I think they look a bit alike, but most of all, their on screen performances of clumsy morons and being the general 'Bad luck' foolish guy is what I think is the strongest likeness between them. They always play the same types. Well, mostly!
I'm saying this because I always kinda feel like THAT guy. Dozens of people can walk into a room with their heads held high, then I'll do the same in the exact same way, but somehow manage to slip and make a prat of! I'll be on the tills at work, and I'll make the MOST STUPID mistake that anyone can make, but everyone will be watching me do it. I mean, how many people do you know that can...
A. Mistake a Courgette for a cucumber?
B. Think that an Aubergine is a fruit?
C. Put a Grapefruit through as a 'Big Orange'
D. Not be able to tell the difference with New potatoes and COOKING potatoes
Not know what ginger looks like?
Yes, these are all things that I've unfortunately discovered since starting my new job, but these are very small things in comparison to some big things. I mean, last week, my Mum asked me to fetch her back '4 pints of milk' after I finished work one night. Sounds simple enough. So I go and get the milk and take it to the checkout. One of my workmates was serving me and he pointed out a huge error. I had brought 4 single 1 pint cartons of milk to the checkout. 'No, your Mum meant that she wanted a 4 PINT CARTON, not 4 1 pinter's!'. He said this, and then I suddenly realised..OMG, he was right, and yet again, I look stupid!!
I mean, I have a learning problem or something??
Why do people shout 'Oh he's here' whilst rolling their eyes and smiling when I walk in a room? Why am I always the 'funny guy'? Don't get me wrong, there's no nastyness involved from anyone, but I'm sick of being the comic relief all the time and being known as the 'Light headed gay guy who talks too much'!

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                                                                  Jerry Lewis

Ok, this entry really is being written in light humour, but I guess it really bothers me sometimes. Have I got a learning problem or something?! Grrrrrrrrr!

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                                              Ooooh Betty......Frank Spencer



nightmaremom said...

Hey Jim Carrey walked on water in Bruce Almighty.... and ya know what babes.. you will always walk on water in my eyes.  No matter what.  And NO you don't have a learning problem!!!!  Your mind goes in a gazillion directions and you get hurried.  No big deal... we all do it!!!
I love the 'Light headed gay guy who talks too much'!

amy122389 said...

Honey, you have got to learn to love the airhead thing.  Nobody really asks anything difficult of you if they think you're a screw loose.  ;-P

(although....Big Orange?  ::giggle::)

The only reason I know about food stuff is because I'm food obsessed.  Your average guy here wouldn't know the difference.


adamburtchell said...

You forgot Squash.

Come to the Burtch and ill check and see if youve got something wrong with your noggan!

*prods Moores head with a pen*

I've got bad news.... :(

jeadie05 said...

Dont ever change your wonderful Jan xx

seraphoflove9001 said...

Oh Stevie...No, you don't have a learning problem! ;o) I absolutly love Jerry Lewis! And you! :o) My son is the same way....I've called him Jerry or Jim too! But in a good way, because he's funny. ;o) He's alot like you...he just has so many things and thoughts going on in his head that he just is forgetful at times! lol Nothing wrong with that! :o) You are a wonderful person because you are who you are! :o)

emabecmar said...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with you my friend. Don't you ever try to change. You are perfect just the way you are, and I mean that. ((((((((hugs)))))))
Love ya,
Cindy xoxoxox

sneezy7125 said...

Okay... *stifles laughter* I'm sorry, I found this amusing. But I am going to attempt to make you feel better, ready?

A and B) Your "oh so smart" American girl has never even heard of a courgette OR an aubergine. Sounds like a dance to me. ("Everybody do the aubergine!")

C) After all, what is a grapefruit but a big orange?

D) Who cares what the difference between new potatoes and cooking potatoes? Can't you, in theory, cook all potatoes?

E) What does ginger look like... Ah, I know. She's the pretty red-haired lady that was stranded on that island with Gilligan.

LOL better now? And Stevie, honestly. You may be foolish or light headed or whatever, but that's part of who you are. It's part of what makes you so lovable and adorable. So don't fret over it. I still love you =]


heavenlybama said...

Don't ever change Ste!  We love ya just the way you are!

deshelestraci said...

I don't think there is a thing wrong with you!  You are male and you don't cook much I'm assuming!  My hubby would be the same way!  I think that we call courgettes zucchinni!

ukgal36 said...

hi baby!! miss me?? You do NOT have a learning are just you..adorable and funny and cute and all those other marvelous things...i wouldn't change anything about you...except that you lived closer to me...

iamddannyboy said...

Stopped by way of D.  She is worried sick about you and your family.  I do hope everyone is fine and it's just a matter of no power.