Thursday, 2 August 2007

Catch up........

Time to catch up on here I think!
What a few days it's been. I'm so tired. Had the worst day at work the other day where everything that could go wrong actually DID and I was left looking like a complete prat, a few times in front of all the staff. I did nothing but run around ALL day! It also took me 2 and a half hours to get home that night because of stupid buses. I swear, if buses were smaller, I'd kick the crap out of 'em!!
It was such a bad day infact, that I got in at 11:15pm, went to bed a few hours later, and stayed there until 4pm the next day! haha! I've never slept as long in my life....well no, that's probably a lie!!
Whenever I talk to my friends about this stuff, they just say 'See, working is hard isn't it?', as if I've never worked before in my life. I usually answer with a list of all the jobs I've had and the fact that I worked nights for two years in a care home! That wasn't easy...especially being 19 and 20 years old! I had no daylight in my!
I have bugger all else to talk about apart from the new Star Trek film, due out in 2008. They've cast someone to play 'Spock' back in his early days, and I think the similarity is really good if you think back to a young Leonard Nimoy. What d'ya think?
Zachary Quinto (from 'Heroes') and Leonard Nimoy
He's a lot like him isn't he?! The original Spock (Leonard Nimoy) will also play Spock again for one last time. Apparently, William Shatner isn't going to be in it, although the 'Kirk' character definitely will. To be honest, I still think William Shatner will be in it, and they're just saying that he wont as to make it a big surprise! We'll see eh? But, releasing ANY movie on Christmas day is stupid....I'm gonna have to go to the cinema on Xmas day, 2008 to catch the preview. I'm outraged...LOL!
Last night, Mum shouted me into her bedroom and told me to bring my bottle of Coka Cola with me. When I walked in, she turned to Adrian and yelled 'See, THAT'S what he's been drinking..NOT YOURS!', which made it quite clear that Adrian is STILL nitpicking about anything that he can to start an argument with me. This is what happens. He'll think about it, and if he can't find anything to argue about, he'll just keep thinking, or maybe even create something in his head! I've got my own drinks....lots of bottles. I wouldn't wanna touch his...period! Childish sod!
On to other stuff, there's a guy at work that is really coming on to me ALL the time and it's making me feel uncomfortable now. At first, it started out as a jokingly playful thing, but now I fear it's gone too far. The entire situation is making me feel physically sick. Don't get me wrong, he's a nice guy and I'm sure he doesn't realise how it's making me feel, but it's driving me crazy. Yesterday, after an argument with someone at work, this guy saw me in the corridors at the back of the building and he knew I was angry. I told him about the argument but I couldn't calm down. To calm me down, he grabbed my head with his hands and made me look RIGHT at him...really close up. I swear, he was gonna kiss me or something. I had to move myself out of the way. I really feel awful for talking about this 'cos he really is a nice guy, but as a good friend of mine has already said, I'm just gonna have to confront him about it and tell him how I feel. Grrr...what a situation!!
See, this always happens with gay friendships....that's kinda why I stay away!!
Anyways, goodnight folks...


justplainbill said...

Ste, you really dumped on us tonight. We have all had days like you had and people like the guy that is on your back or in your face.
Don't let it get to you things will get better, have a good weekend.  Bill

steviemoore83 said...

Bill, I never said that I was the only one who's had a day like that....god, why must I get lectured in everything I do, even in my journal?!

lisa41076 said...

Awwwwww Stevie, Hugs to you Lisa XO

sneezy7125 said...

Oh geez... sounds like you've got it rough. And yes, I know it may be hard and you don't want to do it, but tell that guy that he's making you uncomfortable. Otherwise it's just gonna progress further, and who knows what might happen.

I didn't know you were so stressed out and all about stuff... and here I'm dragging you into what we were talking about last night. Aww... I'm sorry.


And PS, I know this should be a serious thing, but: "I swear, if buses were smaller, I'd kick the crap out of 'em!!" LOL you're too cute.

nightmaremom said...

Awwww sweets sorry it's been rough... know the feeling big time.. it does get better and will.  Stay tough :)   How else ya gonna kick the crap out of the bus?  
love you

heavenlybama said...

Aww....Ste.....Sorry you've been having some bad days.
Hugs to you,

mansnott said...

Sorry your going through all that Stevie, things will hopefully work out in the end.
Take care lv Gazxxx

patrice21459 said...

Ste, Mum here,
Bill's just trying to make you know that we all have bad days but hopefully the good days outweigh them.  If this guy at work is getting at you, then it's time to do the tactful, sensible, Ste that I know you're so good at. If that fails, kick him in the ***** and tell him you'll report him for sexual harassment if he does it one more time.
I know you can stand up for yourself but I honestly think this Guy, and I know who he is, is asking for it.
If that fails, then Supermom comes into action and kicks his sorry ass to kingdom come, and you know I will.
See, there's always an answer to life's problems.


edwardssoapy said...

Hi Stevie,

Oh man, you've had it rough these last few days!  If that guy at work is making you feel uncomfortable, take him to one side and explain how his behaviour is making you feel.  I'm sure he'll understand.

Buses are a PAIN, aren't they?  Grr, yesterday I was gonna go and see the movie, "Hairspray" but I couldn't cos they were late!  Went to see "The Simpsons Movie" instead.  That was so funny!

It is a bit stupid releasing "Star Trek XI" on Christmas Day.  I mean, who's gonna wanna go and see a movie on Christmas Day!  I would wait a few weeks until the hype calms down... but that's just me!

Best wishes,
Leigh :o)"

jeadie05 said...

Sorry your in a bad place just now it will get better you know it will ,just tell the Guy you are uncomfortable .hope thing even out for you Jan xx

seraphoflove9001 said...

{{{Stevie}}} Sending you some good vibes!

ally123130585918 said...

Take your Mums advice stevie ~ I totally agree with her ~ Ally x

gazker said...

Oh dear, not good at the moment huh?
Keep a cheery head on things like you usualy do, it will all blow over mate ;-)

rdautumnsage said...

Sometimes life comes at you with both fist and gives you one heck of a beating. I can't wait till you get your own place with Anthony again. I can't stand to be around people who are miserable 24/7 and need to complain all the time or find fault with someone else. As for the guy at work, you need to set him straight and let him know he IS crossing a line. Which he is if your being made to feel uncomfortable. Friends don't generally make you feel that way.  (Hugs) Indigo

primal53711 said...

Hi Ste,
*hugs* From know I'll be backing up your mom and Ant if we all gotta take down this dude!  ;)  Seriously, I think a firm word should do the trick....if the man has any brains.

Funny thing....I went to add a comment here, thinking "Oh I'll need to creat an aol journal account" and my computer automatically logged me with a username and password that I apparently created at some point in the past!  LOL  I have no clue what the password is, even.  *gigglesnort*

luddie343 said...

Woa what happened to Mr. Nimoy's eyes lol?  Oh well, he's been living long and prospering - can't imagine the movie w/o Shatner tho, I think yer right they're keeping it under wraps, probably bec of negotiation snags.  Shatner always gets what he wants I've heard, so if they want him badly enuf ... as for the "nice" jerkweed at work, never let anyone rob you of your peace, darlin.  You almost sound guilty for even bringing it up - hey Ste!  You're as entitled as anyone to an unhassled life.  Assert yourself!  Missed ya, stay sweet!  xoxo CATHY