Wednesday, 29 August 2007

'All I have to do is dream'


Today, me and Mum recorded this, one of my favourite songs EVER, ever since I was a kid. Have a listen if ya like...Hope ya like it.

Click link to download, or right click and 'Save file as'.


                        'All I have to do is dream' by Ste and Pat


I'd also like to take this opportunity to pay my respects to Jay Abdulah, a friend and colleague of Anthonys, who passed away yesterday at 4:30pm. He and his wife had been married for a year. They moved into their new home 2 weeks ago and their first child, a daughter was born last friday.






jeadie05 said...

Ido love that song ,but it wouldnt down load Jan xx

jeadie05 said...

Thanks for the email with the link ,wonderful ,shall be listening to this often Jan xx

millieukgirl said...

Beautifully sung - you and mum's voice complement one another!

Millie :)

nightmaremom said...

OMG!!!  Babes.. you and Mum sound great!  Love it!!  CD is getting there.. keep it up :)
Love ya both

brodietrish said...

That was really great Ste. This song also means a lot to me particularly since I lost my husband. Your voices go so well together.
Sorry to hear about Anthonys friend, There is never a good time to go but this does seem terrible timing, my thoughts go out to them.
Love Pat x

ktkamanski said...

Wow..... The two of you wonderful together (chills) - It's a keeper! Thanks for sharing it with us. Hope your enjoying your day! Sorry to hear of the loss.

zoepaul6968 said...

Ive just caught up with you,sorry hun my alerts dont work,as per the norm,sorry to hear about Jay.My thoughts are with his family,what a shame,happy birthday Shania and are you going to do the gig in november??? hugs zoe xx

cgtperkins said...

That is terrible about Anthony's friend. May he rest in peace. I love the song!! Have a great evening.
Oh.....I just thought about this today but I have a friend here in the US and guess what his name is....Steven cool!!

luddie343 said...

What sweet memories this brought back and what perfect harmony!  Sounded so professional, played it over & over, it's in my Jukebox now, thanks!  CATHY

nightmaremom said...

Babes......... just realized how cold I musta been not evening sending good thoughts to Ant.... and Jay's family.  Sorry I was a ditz and forgot to mention.  I am sending prayers and good thoughts.  It's a shame.
love ya

heavenlybama said...

You two are great Ste and I love this song!  Sorry to hear about Ant's friend.  My sympathies.