Monday, 27 August 2007


We shared little in common when I was a child,
But it was always a joy to see you smile,
I still remember your jokes and games,
The way you'd call us all funny names
We'd ride on the tip of your steel capped boots,
We'd hear Grandma complain about her grey roots,
You always caught me with your endless stories,
When you fought in the war and when you drove lorries,
How the ship tossed you from side to side,
How the waves crashed, you thought you would die,
The time you fell whilst jumping up in the air,
You landed on your back, gave them all a scare,
You'd hose the kennels everyday,
'There's crap all o'er' we'd hear you say,
You loved your bulldogs, whilst they were here,
They'd bark all night, all through the year,
Every summer our bikes would break,
We'd run to you to set it straight,
Covered in oil, your hands would work,
But you'd be so busy, we drove you bazurk,
We grew closer with time, and for that I'm so glad,
Now I hope you get through, good ole' lad,
I love you so much, but struggle to say,
Now we wait and hope you'll be ok,
'Good ole' Gud', that's what they say,
Never a bad word, always brighten up the day,
Husband, Dad and grandfather, you always get us through,
There's no better time to say, Grandad, we love you.


aniracj said...

I gather from that poem your grampy is poorly; I hope he gets well soon Ste, and he is in my thoughts for a speedy recovery. love to you, Joan xxx

jeadie05 said...

Steve that was lovely Jan xx

edwardssoapy said...

A lovely poem Stevie.

All the best,
Leigh :o)"

ally123130585918 said...

Lovely poem Stevie ~ your Grandad sounds like a lovely man ~ NOW is always a good time to say "We Love You" ~ Ally x

nightmaremom said...

mornin babe... sending good thoughts and prayers your way.  I hope things are improving.  This was a great tribute
love ya

pharmolo said...

Great tribute, Stevie, let's hope he improves soon

heavenlybama said...

Did I miss something Ste?  From the other comments, I gather your Grand-dad is not well.  Wonderful poem and my thoughts and prayers to you and your Grand-dad.

amy122389 said...

aww..sweet poem, Stevie!  I hope you copied & printed it to give to him...  :)


mansnott said...

Lovely poem Stevie, Hope your Grandad will be ok lv Gazxxx

cgtperkins said...

How beautiful!! Thanks for sharing that with us.

luddie343 said...

Your memories are so sharp - clear and bright, joyful, funny.  My prayers he'll recover soon.  PLeasant rhyming, easy to follow!  XOXO CATHY