Friday, 17 October 2008

My boys.........

Sorry D, I know I've stole your line, but I too also have a set of my own!

My boys, 'The All-American Rejects' have a new album out in December, and this is their new single. It's my favourite song of theirs yet....they just get better and better! There's no video yet, but you can hear the song. I can't stop rockin' to it!! It's already securely on my ipod...with a play count of 70 odd! The lyrics are very fitting for me at the moment too (they must be psychic).

Also, some of you already know her, but my Mother has a new blog here, so please go visit her. ~The perils of patricia~

She'd really appreciate it....thanks guys.

I think it was Indigo's journal I was reading the other day. She pointed out that even though we've all been given the boot by trusty 'AOL', the spirit of it has very much followed on here at blogger, and I'm really happy about that.
We're a team!! *Raises glass*...CHEERS! xxxx

(This is a pic I took over a year ago, before the 6am start at Tescos. I was hanging out of the bathroom window 'cos the sun rise was beautiful!)


D said...

borrowed.. you borrowed the line :)
Nice song by the way :)
love ya

LYN said...

yea i know all about you and your boys...LMAO...
speaking of which..any news on that front??
love ya and miss ya too babes...

Ally Lifewithally said...

Stevie I am so glad we are all getting back together again ~ will be back soon ~ Ally x

Indigo said...

K, finally figured that out. For some reason when you changed the name of your jounal/blog it messed up my Google Reader service and it wasn't letting me know when you made alerts. Now thankfully I can keep up with you. I definitely missed you. Quote me anytime hon...I've got way too many words as it is *winks*...(Hugs)Indigo

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