Friday, 17 October 2008

My Fave Star Trek Moments - No.10

First of all, I KNOW I'm a geek, but with the latest buzz about Star trek again, it's got me thinking of my fave moments from the various Star Trek episodes.
Here's my top ten countdown.

10. - 'Star Trek: Enterprise'

First Xindi attack on Earth

Thus begins a whole year of searching for the evil 'Xindi' species in the dangerous region of space known as the 'Expanse'.

After a shaky start which wasn't received well by viewers, 'Star trek: Enterprise' ended season 2 with a bang, making way for a season 3 full of action and drama with the crew of the Enterprise hell bent on revenge and racing against time to save earth from the myserious Xindi's biggest and final attack.

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Melissa said...

u sure do love star trek! :)