Tuesday, 21 October 2008

My Fave Star Trek Moments - No. 6

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
'What you leave behind'

Deep Space Nine is probably one of my more favourite Star trek shows. The story, writing and acting was incredible. I think that's why I'm struggling finding my favourite clips from the show, 'cos it was always so consistently great!
After watching the show religiously for 7 years, this final episode flashback scene made me cry..LITERALLY! No other Star Trek show has said goodbye like this, but I think it's exactly the way it should have been done.

Not only do the flashback scenes make me realise how good DS9 was, it also brings back memories of myself when I was younger and watching these episodes for the first time. Add to that the wonderful tune of 'The way you look tonight' and I'm gone!

I'm already a big softie, so to pull my heart strings like this was just a crime.

Oh it's all too much....I need Kleenex......


It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

I went through many a tissues my friend. Star Trek brings back soo many of those Good Ol Day memories! Take care and have fun,

D said...

OMG you Trekie you! LOL
love that you are posting babes.. love it!
Lets get another song, eh?

Jan said...

Hi Steve when we gonna sing our song heehee ? ..love Jan xx http://serendipitylives-jan.blogspot.com/

krissy knox said...

Hi Ste, long time no see! I just got over to Blogger a few days ago and I am making my rounds tonight. Can't get to everybody, but I noticed your face on somebody's profile (what would we do without these faces?), and I thought I would come by and say hi!

So my favorite Star Trek is actually The Enterprise. I am not really sure why...

Take care, Krissy :)

Melissa said...

Happy Halloween