Sunday, 22 July 2007

All pooped out!

Where to start when describing the day I've had?
Well, I was supposed to start work at 6am today, which usually means that I'm up at 4am to get ready (I rush for nobody...hehe!) but at 3:30am, I was still laid wide awake. I ended up calling into work and telling them that I couldn't make it for 6am but would come in later to make up my hours if they wanted, so they told me to go in when I'd had some sleep. I called them when I woke at 9am to say I'd be in between 10 - 11am, but lo and behold, the 3 buses I have to catch to work were ALL late. Well, probably just the first one was late so I ended up missing the others by seconds. I shamefully rolled into work at 12:15pm, all ready to take a verbal beating from the duty manager (who has a reputation for being mean). I got changed in the locker room and got out onto the shop floor by 12:30. I could see the duty manager standing right down at the bottom section of the store, so I crept toward her, trying to dodge behind every customer I could find so that I could give her the element of surprise, but she spotted me right away and stared at me the entire way down the walk of shame. I walked up to her and painfully said 'Come on them....let me have it', thinking she was gonna yell at me, but ya know what, she looked at me, gave me a smile and then broke out into laughter. She then said 'Ya know Ste, in all of my years of working here, we've never had an employee come in 6 and a half hours late and get away with it. Get to work before I slap ya ass!', and carried on laughing, along with the duty manager. I was so shocked!!! I was still waiting for the lecture, but it never came. Instead, she told me which till to go on and said 'Thanks love'. Now if that wasn't a gift from up above, then I don't know what is! haha!
I spent the first 2 hours jumping from till to till, taking people off for their breaks, then later, I was called to the BIG manager's office for a 'review'. Again, I thought I was in for it, but instead, they asked if there was anything THEY could improve for ME!!! I almost said nothing (as I had bent the rules a LOT today), but instead, I took this as an opportunity to complain about my 15 minute breaks, which never gives me enough time for a cigarette, something to eat AND a pee. They listened, assured me that everyone gets the same amount of time for a break when they only work for 5 hours, BUT they offered me half an hours' break EVERY TIME I'm on, so long as I stay for 15 minutes extra a day. How could I say no?! THEN they ask me what I can do to prevent being late for a Saturday shift again, so I jokingly ask for my shift to be changed, AND THEY AGREED with a smile! I mean, oh my god, am I pushing my luck here or WHAT?! So as from two weeks today, I get 30 minute breaks, leave at quarter past the hour AND start at 12 noon every Saturday, which is MUCH better! I'm soooo thankful and speechless that they agreed to help me so much!!
They asked me to work till 8, and by 6pm, I'd not been sent for my break (which is against the law as we're supposed to have a break every 3 hours). I hadn't mentioned it because they'd been so great with me, I didn't wanna seem rude, but I was soooo hungry and had to go, so I called one of the bosses to ask them if I could go for my 30 minutes (I always get 30 mins on a Saturday). It turns out, when I'd been called for my 'review' in the office, they'd assumed that I was on a break, so they'd marked it down wrong...grrr! I eventually went though and enjoyed every second.
I had a great day, with lovely customers too. I love a good gossip with a complete stranger. You can find out all kinds of things, like, I never knew that Harry potter books had a kids sleeve, AND an adults sleeve. It's useless info, but there ya! Oh, we've sold HUNDREDS of those books since it's release yesterday. Everytime we sell one, we have to type a certain code in, and I can't get it outta my head cos I've typed it sooo bloody many!
On the way home, the bus from work took ages before it dropped me in Hillsborough. Then the Hillsborough bus was 30 mins late but it eventually turned up. I took a seat and tried to warm myself up, just to be thrown off for a further 25 mins as it had broke down!! To make matters worse, there was an evil drunk guy shouting at the driver, so threeof us had to keep things cool. Then after all the waiting,the driver tells us to get back on as the bus was now fixed! I couldn't believe it! I finished work at 8:15, and Anthony finished at 9:30, but we both ended up on the same last bus of the day. Just goes to show eh? lol!
Anyways, sorry it's been long winded, but I'm in a chatty mood right now.
OOH, good news, I've applied for THIS. This, along with something else I'm venturing into will be GREAT for me. I'll meet so many people too, all with the same passion, so I can't wait!
So all in all, a fair day with it's share of good and bad, but I can't complain. I'm getting up early again as I have to do it all again tomorrow. 12-5pm...oh!
Ok, I'll shut up!
Hope you're all doing well out there......
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dougsbabygirl31 said...

Sounds like someone was on your side today. I am happy for you!!!! Good going on the review. You always have to ask, the worst that can happen is they say no. But look, you asked and got what you needed!!! Tawnya

lisa41076 said...

Stevie, I am glad the duty manager did'nt get mad at you for being late, probably because you are so sweet :) Hugs Lisa

sneezy7125 said...

LOL awww, seeee, no one can be mad at you for anything! You're just too adorable!
Good to hear you've had a good day. I see your email too, but thought I'd comment here first. And :P to everyone else, 'cause your trusty American sidekick already signed that lonely guestbook of yours DAYS ago. lol

And ahum... what'd I tell you about these huge fonts? Oh wait... Big Font Trub Buds... I forgot, lol. Carry on.


ktkamanski said...

Sounds as though the review went well - Now you can smoke to cigs on your 30 min breaks! Congrats on the SingingLive. Hope others enjoy your voice, as we do! Take care and have a wonderful tomorrow!

amy122389 said...

hee hee hee....6 and a half hours late.  You're wicked...   ;-P  but how can anybody get upset with you 'cause you're so dang cute!


nightmaremom said...

OMG!!!  You spoiled little brat!!!  LOL  So glad work went well, but you made up for it on the way home... or did ya?  Riding with Ant musta been good.
love ya

gazker said...

Someone was on your side, your'e a very lucky Stevie!

jeadie05 said...

Oh you little charmer ,they must value you to rearrange shifts and all ,loved this entry very newsy and chatty Jan xx

brodietrish said...

I must admit I kept waiting for the punch line, I thought you were going to say that you woke up and realised you had been dreaming. You must be a good employee to manage to get all those concessions in one day. Perhaps now you will realise what a fantastic person you are.   Love Pat x

eml625 said...

You get the good perks because  your a good employee. They do seem to like you Ste.....wonderful.  I am so happy to read your working, and out and about like that.
love ya baby

ukgal36 said...

You are an absolute one can resist you can they?
fair play to ya! if you got it you got it!!

seraphoflove9001 said...

You're just that loveable Stevie! :o) I'm glad that you had a great day! I wish you the best of luck with the Sing Along! :o) Hugs!

sangrialel said...

Sounds like they really like you at  your job!!  That is good.  Linda

pharmolo said...

Hope your luck holds, Stevie

mansnott said...

All the best Ste u deserve it, luv Gazxx

ally123130585918 said...

LOL Stevie could just imagine you creeping towards the duty manager ~ and hiding behind the customers :o) ~ what a lovely surprise she didn't have a go at you but gave you a smile instead ~ sounds like you are well in there and seem to have the perfect job ~ it is great to know that you are enjoying yourself ~ good Luck with your Venture sounds really good ~ Ally x

emabecmar said...

REMINDS ME OF A SONG, LUCK BE A LADY TONIGHT, LOL. You sure had an awesome day huh. (((((((((((hugs)))))))
Love ya,
Cindy xoxoxxoo

heavenlybama said...

I can just imagine that day!  LOL  You got lucky.