Friday, 13 July 2007

Honoured and Stressed!


Since last night, I've been enroled as a member of the 'Official Bitch club' by Donna and also gained an award from our Lyn for being a 'Rockin man blogger'! Thanks girls!!! They mean a lot to me and have really cheered me up today.






Well, I'm working again in a few hours as I'm covering a shift for Natalie at work. She's asked everyone over the last 2 weeks to cover her shift as she's going away to London for a few days, but nobody was able to do it. How could I say no? lol!

Feeling a bit stressed today as Mum's husband is obsessing about money. We're doing our best to make sure we pay our way and finish paying off money which we owe to Mum and Adrian, but our efforts never seem to be enough for him. Always nitpicking...always obsessing about EVERY single penny...constantly down my throat and I just can't handle it! It's making my life miserable and I hate feeling HATE!

Earlier today for example, it's my grandma's birthday today and I haven't been able to go out and get her anything, so as Mum had bought her quite a few things, I asked if I could buy one of them from her to give to grandma from me and Anthony. I chose this new 4 disc Rod Stewart album which was £10. I then transferred £20 from my bank account and into Mum's. £10 for what I owe her for the Rod Stewart album, and £10 for my bus fare to work as I have no money on me. I heard her explain this to Adrian, and he said 'I want to check your bank account first', implying that I hadn't really given her any money at all!  I mean, AS IF I would lie and rip my own Mum off! I'm disgusted and can't believe he thinks I'm capable of doing that to my own Mother. Who the hell does he think I am?! I can't see me being here much longer, cos if I stay, there will probably be more trouble, and none of us need it. Gawd, I just wish I had some sort of a plan, cos the way I'm feeling, I'd pack up and move to bloody Mexico if I could..ANYWHERE but here!

Anyways, I'm listening to Shania now, and you know that she always cheers me up, so I'm rockin my ass off!! WOO HOO! LOL!

Anyways, hope you're all well, catch ya later!



gazker said...

Keep calm and try and remember how ever mad you are, you are a guest in both your Mums and Adrians home.
Some men like to rule the roost and it seems Adrian is one of them. I am sure you know in your heart that he isn't realy checking up on you. It must be a stressfull time for all of you living under the same roof, he too can feel it as well as your Mum and you two.
Let it go over your head an be as pleasant as you can, even if you want screeam! lololol
Just remember your J freinds words of wisdom, next time somebody is short at the till when they are paying for their goods, don't pay that money for them. As Tesco's tells us every day, 'Every little helps'!
Gaz ;-)

jeadie05 said...

Verty good advice from Gaz here Steve ,well deserving your rocker award Jan xx

ally123130585918 said...

Stevie it must be hard you all living under the same roof ~ try to keep you cool ~ and listen to that good advice from Gaz ~
you well deserve your award for 'Rockin man blogger' because you do ROCK :o) ~ Ally x

lisa41076 said...

Stevie, congrats on being a rocking man blogger !!!!!!!!!! I have 2 journals online, I'll add you to my private reader's list, here is the link for my CSI fan fiction journal Hugs Lisa

lanurseprn said...

I would imagine that your Mum is having a very hard time of this situation. She wants to please Adrian, and wants you to be happy. She's kind of in the middle. I like what Gaz just keep calm. Get through the days and be calm for your Mum. Soon, with working steady, things should start looking up.
Take care sweetie,
Pam xoxox

sangrialel said...

Good choice with Rod Stewart!  Love him!  Congrats on your awards!  Linda

nightmaremom said...

Hey babes... so sorry for the stress.... I think Adrian likes to control and it is his and Mums house.  Makes him feel in charge  it's a shame you and Ant are taking the brunt of it, but unfortunately right now you have no choice.  'les of course you come here.  LOL   Anyway... stay cool and bide your time you are working for something better and it will be here soon
love ya

zoepaul6968 said...

Oh hun that sounds awful,Im catching up with you now,sorry Ive been away so long,I should be here for you too,I apologise for that,pop over to my new blog and see me,dont forget you can message me anytime,I have big ears....or is it wide shoulders? Oh you know what I mean,love zoe xxxxx

nay0114 said...

I'm sorry you're under this stress. I hate men like your stepdad. They have to control everything. Hopefully soon you can move out and get your own flat.
Take care, Chrissie