Friday, 20 July 2007

One armed Lil!

Well what a week it's been, but today has been better. I had such a laugh with my mates at work as my manager was lovingly addressing me as 'One armed Lil' and came home feeling all refreshed. I've been bandaged up on the tills so every customer was asking what I'd done. I told them that I'd fallen down the stairs...haha! Sounded better than saying that I'd attacked an inanimate object...;-P
Forgot to mention the other day, I was in 'Boots' in town and wanted to buy a drink but didn't have any cash on me so I was gonna go thirsty, but just as I realised that I had no cash, I looked down and found a pound coin looking up at me. Only something small, but it cheered me up for the rest of the! Not as much as when I found £40 at the back of a bus one time..;-)
Hey, do any of you remember Ainsley, also known as Salonrose123 on aol? She had a journal a while ago and then another one called 'Second time around'. Well I've been worrying about her lately as I'd heard NOTHING from her, so I text her earlier today. She is doing great....better than great actually....there's only 6 weeks to go before she gives birth! How cool is that!!! She had to get rid of her computer to make room for the baby, so that's why she's vanished, but she says she misses all of us and hopes to be back one day, so I feel better for having got in touch with her.
I'm getting VERY much into music again lately, and I've been enjoying some new stuff from kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne and Bon Jovi. Here's his latest song from his new album 'Lost Highway' which I love!
Hope all's fine out there!


ktkamanski said...

Thanks for stopping by - Nice to hear, instead of disappearing, it's because of a new addition! Love all three, especially Bon Jovi's newest! Thanks for sharing and your visit- I look forward to stopping by for some interesting reads! Have a happy tomorrow!

lisa41076 said...

Stevie, glad you had a good day today, Hugs Lisa XO

gazker said...

Well Lil, I am so glad things are looking up for ya! I hope the storms coming today with the severe weather warning I just heard on the news won't put a downer on things.

eml625 said...

Hello Mate!
I missed what happened to you, I will have to read back a bit . Glad your friend is ok...a new baby, that's cool.
Love J. bon jovi, sweeet looking still, huh?? I can count on you to post some hot guys !
Love ya baby
E. (fuggetaboutit)

jeadie05 said...

So pleased you have given us an up date on Ainsley ,I too had been thinkingh about her ,so very sorry she had to get rid of her computer ,When you text  her again give her my love ,that was cool finding the pound to get yourself a drink Jan xx

ukgal36 said...

Hiya.. thanks for the update on Ainz..I had been emailing her then nothing so i was thinking she had finally got rid of the puter....
Bon Jovi is this song..have a great weekend Lil.;-)

nightmaremom said...

hehehehe...  yeah better to say you fell down and look like a clutz then to say you punched a door and look like a.......  oh never mind *hugs*
Ohh I love Bon Jovi....  can't wait to hear you do one of his songs :)~   hint hint... was it subtle enough?  LOL
love ya

luddie343 said...

Ah yes, Mr. Jovi he's certainly worth listening to.  And watching, which I'll be doing from choice seats when he returns home to NJ soon, playing many concert dates right down the street from me, convenient yes?  I'll keep you duly informed of all wonderful happenings.  SO GLAD YOU'RE ALRIGHT bandages and all, Miss Lil (lol love ya darlin!)  CATHY  

sneezy7125 said...

One-armed Lil... *giggle giggle*

Okay, so instead of attacking an inanimate object, you got attacked by one... THAT makes it sound sooo much better. LOL

And aww, I was wondering what happened to Ainsley! Good to hear she's doing well.

I love ya Ste, but UGH to Bon Jovi. Now, anyway. I absolutely love his old stuff, and the song he did with Jennifer Nettles in his crossover country album was good, but now that he's fully country, BLECHH. He's from New Jersey! New Jersey is not a cowboy state... what is he doin? Where'd the southern accent come from? Yeah, we here in Jersey have some crazy accents, but that's mostly bad grammar, not yee-haw! lol okay, I'll be quiet now. Stupid Bon Jovi and his "I'm a cowboy" kick.

Have a good day, talk to you soon.

deshelestraci said...

I'm so glad to hear something about Ainsley!  I miss her a lot.  Glad she is doing well and hoping she can come back online sometime!  One armed Lil'  ~  Funny!

emabecmar said...

LOL, One armed Lil. You are too funny. ((((((((hugs))))))))
Love ya,
Cindy xoxoxox

heavenlybama said...

Hehe  One Armed Lil.  That's funny!  I would have told the same story!