Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Millions being lost at 'Meadowhall'!

                      ***Some use of Strong-ish language***
Evening J-Landians!!
I have a dodgy stomach tonight. It's doing summersaults and my head's spinning. Euuggghh, I feel naucious!! Just wondering whether to phone in sick for work tomorrow....dunno. I'll see how I go eh?
'Meadowhall' Shopping Centre opened it's doors for the first time since last Monday's floods today, and me being the budding journaller went down to check it out. I was kinda disappointed as there wasn't anything to take pictures of. Instead, I was subjected to the WORST smell in history. Ya see, Meadowhall was built next to 'Blackburn Meadows' which is a water reclamation (is that the right word?) plant. All of us locals know it lovingly as 'The Shitbeds'. When the river Don burst it's banks (right next to Meadowhall), the 'Shitbeds' also flooded, causing all the toxic waste filled waters to come pouring into Meadowhall. They've done a good job cleaning up, but it still stinks. All of the shopping centre's bottom floor shops are closed. It's incredible how much damage this has caused. Every shop is boarded up now. Every shop is being re-fitted as all the floorboards have been ripped up, stock destroyed, shelves, carpets...everything is gone. That has to be like....over 500 stores maybe?!!  I dunno..maybe that's exaggerated, but I'm not sure.
What's even worse is that there's nothing to stop this from ever happening again, despite them having a £2 million flood defense system put in before last weeks floods!! (So I've been told)
Check this link HERE to see live footage from sky news. Meadowhall comes on about 20 seconds in.
The weekend has gone MUCH smoother than expected. We were subjected to severe weather warnings due to heavy rains, but we've had nothing more than the odd heavy shower now and then. Looks like we can calm down now.
The general atmosphere in Sheffield has been strange this week. Walking through town earlier was so depressing. Looks like the floods affected more than just properties!
I got quite angry earlier when I was in Meadowhall bus station with Anthony. I went to ask a member of staff where I was allowed to smoke now (as the smoking ban came into force on July 1st), and a bunch of 5 staff there told me that I have to walk off the premises. 'But, if I walk from the premises, I'll miss my bus', I said. They all just kinda shrugged their shoulders. That got me angry and led to me to say 'This is F***ing ridiculous!'. I've NEVER swore at staff ANYWHERE like that before and I feel awful now, but it just got me so mad. I wanted a cig OUTSIDE in an area that nobody was standing, yet that's not good enough?! As I've said before, in enclosed areas, yes I do agree with the ban, but certainly not in the outdoors where nobody's going to be in your immediate vicinity! It's a good job my bus came quickly 'cos I was about to sod their policies and spark up! lol! I could've got fined? So what..I'm a gay man on the edge lately..LOL!
Anyways, I'm moaning AGAIN. That's ALL I ever seem to do lately...moan, moan, whinge, whinge..LOL!
Did I tell you my stomach is dodgy tonight?? Did I tell you that we've been flooded lately?? lol!
Anyways, take care!


emabecmar said...

you can moan anytime you want dear, and i will be here to listen. such an awful mess there in your homeland. i am so glad though you and your mum and her hubby and anthony are all ok. (((((((((hugs)))))))))
Love ya,
Cindy xoxoxoxo

deshelestraci said...

You are too funny!  I suppose we will be told next what to eat and where.  Smoke where you need to.  Did you say it flooded?  And your stomach is bugging you?  LOL

nightmaremom said...

aaaaaawwwww sweets... you should be able to smoke outside... but .. ummm.. then again you should ... ummm... ya know... quit.  LMAO
Sorry you aren't feeling well but I think it was your din din... ewwwwwww  LOL
love ya babes feel better soon

princesssaurora said...

{{{ Ste }}}  I hope you didn't get any dodgy foot with shitbed contamination that is causing your stomach upset!!!!  Sending you prayers...

be well,

jeadie05 said...

Iam not surprised your stomach is upset ,it could well be all the toxic stuff you are obliged to breath in ,and I dont mean from your ciggy ,Ifear it will be along time before things return to normal ...love Jan xx

ukgal36 said...

I've been looking at the photo's and footage from your area..what an absolute nightmare..such an awful mess to clean up..not to mention the smoking ban and the terrorist threats..UK is NOT the place to be at the minute huh?
Hope your tummy is better hun..

seraphoflove9001 said...

Oh Stevie...that is so horrid! :o( I feel so badly.

ally123130585918 said...

Stevie you have a moan and a whinge ~ with all the flooding in your area ~ and then being denied your ciggy you have a right to have a whinge ~ Hope you have seen the last of the heavy rain ~  sorry you are feeling off colour hope that has settled down now ~ Ally x

gazker said...

Me thinks it's time you gave up the 'evil weed'........... Gaz ;-)

chevyz71gurl74 said...

"I could've got fined? So what..I'm a gay man on the edge lately..LOL!"

ROFL...you crack me up Ste...I'm
not a smoker but i totally agree with you...


heavenlybama said...

That's a bummer about Meadowhall.  Looks like a beautiful mall minus the flooding. You crack me up "I'm a gay man on the edge" but I do agree with ya about smoking even though I don't smoke.  If it's outside, it doesn't bother me.