Tuesday, 10 July 2007


How many woods can a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
I know, I have no idea what I'm talking about either, but sometimes, that's the way questions go. How many times can someone pop back into your life before they vanish forever? Will they eventually vanish? They don't have to. How do I know that they wont stick around for good? Why do they make a fuss about wanting to go, and then always come back, huh? There's no answer is there, but what the hell...lol!
The same feeling hits me when I think of life in general. I mean, why have I sat here tonight watching "Roswell" on my pc when I really wanna go to bed? Why have I made several typo's in this entry already when I usually don't make many? What would I be doing if I was famous and rich? Hmm...Would I be out on a yacht somewhere? Would I be at some celebrity bash and drinking with Paris Hilton? Would Paris know how much I hate her? Maybe, just maybe I'd be sat in my big house with Anthony, playing pool with a glass of wine, surrounded by gorgeous men with no t-shirts on, OR I could be dining out with Goldie Hawn and telling her how much I loved her in 'The First Wives Club'?
So what is this entry about? I HAVE NO IDEA, BUT IT FEELS GREAT..lol!
So anyways, things are going great here, besides me eating faaar too much junk food lately. Jaffa cakes rule! Mum and Adrian are away in Ireland, so me and Ant are enjoying the time in the house alone. Well, if you can call it being alone with 5 cats, 3 dogs, 4 fish, and a large hedgehog??
Been thinking about the future a lot lately, and ya know, I've decided that I'm definitely going to the USA someday. I'd love to live there for a few months, work there, see what it's like, and still be able to get back home afterwards. I got a lotta planning to do huh?!
Anyways, toodle pip, tally ho, ta ta, ttfn, adios, goodbye and goodnight!
P.S. WOO HOO, Jaffa Cakes rule!!!!!!


dougsbabygirl31 said...

I understand about the people popping in and out of your life. It happens to me all the time actually. The last time was with my ex~fiancee, we still talk to this day and we are best friends, but sometimes it is strange when I think that I didn't talk to him for 5 years. And we are like that time never happened. Tawnya P.S Go to bed

sneezy7125 said...

Lay off the Jaffa cakes, dear. They're makin ya loopy, lol.
So this is all the deep stuff you told me you were thinking about last night... wow. I say again, it sounds like you have a lot on your mind. And remember what I told you :)

Enjoy your day, and try not to worry too much about what will happen later.
Remember what Ralph Waldo Emerson said: "What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us." Love ya.


sneezy7125 said...

Ohhh and if you're going to the US.... PICK JERSEY!!!! It sucks really bad, but that's where your piano girl is! So pick me! Pick me! lol

Morgan (again, LOL)

nay0114 said...

No wonder you're silly.. you're babysitting a hedgehog! I never heard of that. I mean I've heard of a hedgehog, but not as a pet.
Hope your trip to the USA works out in the future.
Take care, Chrissie

gazker said...

Go now, it's over $2 to £1 beg steal or borrow the money.......... Gaz ;-)

nightmaremom said...

Ste... I know whatcha mean about folks coming and going... could make one dizzy!  It's hard to know what is in one's mind, or heart for that matter.  I guess we just learn to go with the flow and trust our hearts and head.  Friends can never be to plentiful, but is there an agenda when one comes and goes at their will?  Gawd I don't sound to trusting do I?  I am actually, but have found that friends that do that aren't much of a friend when I dig deep.  :::shaking head:::  enough d, enough!  LOL

As for da good 'ole USofA......... I've told you.. my door is open.  You and Ant.. pick a time!  You are welcome whenever and forever long.......

love ya

jeadie05 said...

It would be lovely to go to the States, go for it Steve ,send us an entry maybe from Donnas wouldnt that be great ?...love Jan xx

kirkbyj05 said...

Jaffa Cakes to yoooo toooo!   Lol!  

Hope you make your daydreams to visit America come true.  You will gain from the experience.

I love jaffa cakes....I love jaffa cakes.....I love jaffa cakes.....and I hate sharing them too....

haileen2003 said...

Hell! Ste
I waited years to go to the USA, and finally did in 2001....having written to an American Lady since Senior School. We had met twice already, when she came to England, She married for the second time, and her new Husband wanted to meet me. It was his idea to send me a 'Round Trip Ticket', and to stay with them. I gratefully accepted, and my Partner Allan paid to go with me. It was the Holiday of a lifetime.....staying mostly in Minnesota, but also at their second home in Wisconsin, which they had built together. The American people were so kind, and made us so welcome, and it was lovely to meet her Family and Friends.
We still write to each other, but mostly by email now...she actually is my 'Best Friend'

emabecmar said...

you ever get to usa you look me up, you can stay with me as long as you want. OK so now what is a jaffa cake?  (((((((((((hugs)))))))))
Love ya,
Cindy xoxoxoxo

ukgal36 said...

I have no idea what your waffling on about either LOL..sugar overload..you remember when we first "met" and i offered you a place to stay?? I meant it..

deshelestraci said...

I think you need some more sugar and caffine!  LOL  I love to sit and think about what I'd be doing if I were rich.  It just might include shirtless men!  LOL

edwardssoapy said...

Total randomness, but we love ya!

Best wishes,
Leigh :o)

sangrialel said...

What are jaffa cakes?  Linda

lisa41076 said...

Stevie, I'm going to have to get some Jaffa Cakes Wednesday at work and try them, I'll let you know what I think, Hugs Lisa