Sunday, 15 July 2007

A moment of thought

I was reading a story in the paper today. A British guy's tank was crippled by a land mine thanks to the 'Al Quaeda', killing everyone else on board. He was being burned alive, but managed to climb out of the tank to remove his burning clothes and armour. He then managed to run 80 metres to hide behind a wall, but was then shot in the leg! He stumbled to the floor and rolled around in the soil to put out his burning skin, only for this to lead to major infections from the actual soil into his skin.
His Fiancee (back in the UK) was told on the phone while she was having her hair cut in a salon. 'Your Husband is seriously injured and will be returning to the UK tomorrow'. She didn't know what to expect. He was comatose for months and received major burns to 70% of his body. His face had to be re-built. She was at his bedside for months while he just lay there. He actually died twice but they managed to bring him back. His fiancee had almost given up hope, when one day, he opened his eyes and said 'Hey babe..How are you?'. Can you imagine how relieved she must've felt?! He's fine now, apart from the obvious physical damage, but this really hit me. Kinda puts things into perspective right? Those poor soldiers and innocent people out there getting killed or injured everyday. When's this gonna stop? The world is insane!!!
Anyways, I'm soo tired, so I'll catch you all tomorrow. Goodnight and take care of yourselves and your loved ones!


eml625 said...

I'm baaaaaack !

Ellen from New York (fuggetaboutit)

lisa41076 said...

Stevie, thanks for stopping by and visiting my journal, I put you on my alerts too, I agree with you about the solders getting hurt anf killed , enough already !!!!!!!!!!! Hugs Lisa

robinngabster said...

Being the wife of a military man I will tell you what he and his buddies say about when it will stop, "never."   They believe things will never go back to pre 911 and the war will never end.  Sad hun?

nightmaremom said...

It is sad Ste... so very sad. Get some good sleep babes
love ya

gazker said...

Agreed Stevie, what is so sad it we live on a beautifull planet and bit by bit, we are destryoing it and ourselves.
It has nothing to do with 9/11 or anything else. It's in our nature to kill and harm.
God help us all and the planet we are destroying.
Gaz xx

jeadie05 said...

How awful Steve ,we dont know all these horror storys do we ? Why do our boys have to indure this and their loved ones back home Jan xx

pharmolo said...

War is nasty, ugly and horrible. The world we live in has dark corners you or I'd rather not know about.

deshelestraci said...

I think that we need peace.  Everywhere.