Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Umm...general chit chat kinda stuff, basically.....

It's been a great day today. No particular reason, but I'm healthy, have friends, family, a roof, a job.....what else can I want? Plus it wasn't SO busy at work today, and I actually managed to talk to customers and other staff, rather than rushing through!
The staff are really nice and I've made some good friends. I like how the gay people are just normal people, rather than those that I don't get along with. Ya know, the queeny bitchy ones? That sounds awful, but I don't mean it to. I'm stereotyping here, and badly, but I know what I mean. Infact, it's those kind of gay guys that DON'T get along with me. I mean, I'll talk to anyone really, but sometimes we just clash and all the queeny types seem to hate me. No loss!
Anyways, I was given a friendly lecture by a friend at work today after they heard me tell a woman who was short of a few pence for her shopping that I'd 'Make up the difference' at the end of my shift. Now, I don't see the problem. It was a matter of 20 odd pence and I could've easily put it into my till at any time afterwards, so why the big deal?! The lecture's made me not want to do that again, but I'll feel awful. I don't understand certain rules and procedures. Sometimes, they're too strict with everything and it's suffocating! Honestly, was I in the wrong?! If I was just telling her not to pay, then yeah, but if I'm gonna make up the difference then why's it so wrong? Doesn't anyone believe in being 'Nice' to anyone anymore??!!
Anyways, my singing is still sizzling in the background lately and is becoming more an an issue for me. It's ALL I think about now! I've not had much time to practise properly but I do sing ALL the time when I'm out and about, under my breath maybe, but I DO! I also do my vocal lessons every now and then too. I'm excited lately because someone who works in a recording studio wants to record me and help me get my stuff 'out there'. He also wants me to be part of the show he's hosting at Christmas, so I'll keep you updated.
Also, our talented Morgan from 'Random Thoughts' has written a song for me to sing. She's done the music on her keyboard and given me half of the lyrics, and she's asked me to write the other half and sing it! Isn't that a great idea?! I can't wait. That's what I love about music...Creating, rather than copying! Singing along to backing tracks is ok and I love it, but nothing compares to singing original material...WOO HOO, thanks Morgan!!
Anyways, hope all's well with everyone! G'night!


deshelestraci said...

It's that kind of positive thinking that everyone needs to do!  Glad it is going well for you!

sneezy7125 said...

Aww, this has gotten me all excited to see what you come up with! No pressure, of course. lol but this is making me soooo happy.

And no, for the record, you were not wrong in offering to make up the difference of that lady's stuff. Tell those other people that they can put their pence... *ahum* nevermind. *innocent face* lol

Love ya Stevie!
Happy [almost] anniversary :-P (like we're married... scary... lol)

amy122389 said...

pfft...I'm a firm believer in a litle kindness.  You did right, love.  ;-)


jeadie05 said...

Ican see the reasoning behind this ,but ,yes its nice to be nice ,how nice of Morgan to write you a song Im on my way over there now ,its nice to have her back posting again Jan xx

ukgal36 said...

The reason behind the not adding money to the till is because they don't want any money going in or coming out that isn't the customers..period..  they fired my Mum once from her beloved job in the local newagents because they saw her put money on the top the till to add later and accused her of "meddling" with the money...she too was only going to add to a shortage but they didn't wanna hear...the rule is no adding money no taking money....I don't necessarily agree but i can see both dad by the way wanted to kill the bastard manager because my Mum loved that little job and was loved by all...makes me tear up thinking about how upset she was... :-(
Love ya babe... xxxxxxx

emabecmar said...

Oh wow, I can't wait to hear the song from 2 of my favorite people. I bet it is awesome. Happy 4th my friend. (((((((hugs)))))))
Love ya,
Cindy xoxoxoxo

ally123130585918 said...

You are just so nice Stevie to want to add that money for a customer ~ In a shop this way they have a saucer full of odd cash which you can help yourself too if you are short or just don't have enough change ~ Isn't Morgan great writing a song for you she is very talented ~ looking forward to hearing it ~ Ally x

nightmaremom said...

Babe... at the risk of sounding mean you can't fix it all.  If every person in your line was short... you'd be broke making up the difference.  It's not really a matter of being nice or not.  :)   Ohhhhhhhhh can't wait to hear the combo effort of you and Morgan.
love ya

gazker said...

Without wishing to be a pain in the arse, you were wrong to offer to put the 'few pence' in the till after. It's not your company, you just work for them. When you become the chairman, just reduce the prices even more, then everyone will have the money!
Gaz ;-)