Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Jaffa Cake delights!

Jaffa Cakes Brand Logo 

Jaffa Cakes - Deliciously self centred

The original recipe for McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes is a closely guarded secret, the delicious combination of light sponge, dark chocolate and smashing orangey bit in the middle was first created over 60 years ago.

Back in 1991, we fought a battle with the VAT man to prove that Jaffa Cakes are cakes, not biscuits, and therefore should not attract VAT.

In 1994 McVitie’s launched Mini Jaffa Cakes and Jaffa Cake Bars, to appeal to the growing lunchbox market. 1999 saw the introduction of the innovative ‘Tubes’ packaging and 2002 was the year of the Jaffa Mini Roll launch.

Jaffa Cakes are known for being irresistible but unfortunately, not everyone is prepared to get their Jaffa Cakes honestly. Remember the Munchkins, who would do almost anything to get hold of them! They were followed by another desperate mob in the 1990’s known as the Orangey Tangs who loved the orangey bit in the middle so much so we had to completely cover the Jaffa Cakes in chocolate, for a limited time, to keep them out.

The Jaffa Cakes brand team scored a McVitie’s first in July 2000, when they signed a sponsorship deal with Manchester United. Jaffa Cakes became one of Man Utd’s eleven ‘platinum’ sponsors but the only one focussing on kids in the UK. Jaffa Cakes were already enjoyed by the team and were officially launched as the teams favourite half time snack. The campaign’s success was based on the product truth that Jaffa Cakes are low in fat and high in carbohydrates and so are a great energy provider.

It was for this very reason that Sven announced that Jaffa Cakes would join the England squad in Japan for the 2002 World Cup as part of their training diet. The publicity was amazing, culminating in a spectacular story of a McVitie’s Jaffa Cake being found with the face of David Beckham, the team captain, on it!!!

In 2006 the fact that each Jaffa Cake is only 1g of fat has featured in the new advertising.

Two new flavour variants were launched in February 2006:

Lemon & Lime

Jaffa cakes are the official energy snack of the England Football team in the 2006 World Cup.


Ok, so those aren't my words, but they do speak the truth. Now for my version:


Jaffa Cakes are a pile of chocolatey fun that make me squirm with ecstacy and joy. Seeing a pile of these critters brightens up my day, no matter what. It's got me through floods, terrorism, traffic jams, work, no work, and even play, YES, PLAY! They're small and compact so that you can fit half a dozen in your mouth at any one time, and believe me, I do! It's better to just put put one in your mouth though, then you can suck off the chocolate and you are left with the wibbly wobbly, but gorgeous jelly part inside (these Jelly parts come in all different flavours). You can then take out this deliciously floppy wibbly wobbly jelly part and eat it, or if you so wish for humourous effect, slap your friend across the face with it! One swift slap will make everyone chuckle! I must warn you though, not all friends will find this amusing!!! Either way, Jaffa Cakes are fun and nibbly! GO BUY SOME TODAY!





amy122389 said...

ooooo - black currant!  I'll have some of those!  I've never seen them before, but they look really good!  Is that DARK chocolate?!  Yum..


sneezy7125 said...

LOL well I'll buy 10.
Good sales strategy there, Ste. You're oh-so-convincing, what with the slapping of friends with jelly blobs and being in ecstasy when seeing Jaffa cakes. My oh my.
Didn't I tell ya to lay off these things? It's gone from "rot-your-teeth-out goodness" to "you're obsessed now, this is unhealthy in more ways than one". LOL but I still love ya! :)


robinngabster said...

What is a VAT?  Can we find these in the states?  How about a picture of you sucking the chocolatey goodness off of one???  Pretty please?  ;)

sangrialel said...

I have never seen them here!!  I will be looking for them now though cuz I want to try one!  Linda

kirkbyj05 said...

This is cruel Stevie!   Boohoo.  I'm a diabetic now and can't eat!  These were always my favourite biscuit and my family always fought over them....we could never have enough of them indoors.  Oh well!   Thanks for the memories.
VAT means   -   Value Added Tax which the government places on biscuits amongs many other commodities in our lives here in Britain.


jeadie05 said...

Oh Steve really ! only you could do an entry entirely devoted to Jaffa cakes ,we always keep a pack in this house Maurice loves em ,Brilliant entry ha ha ha Jan xx

nightmaremom said...

still sipping my morning coffee and this made me laugh and really tried to get me awake.  LOL  I can't even comment about the slapping................ ROFLMAO
love ya

edwardssoapy said...

Brilliant Stevie! An entry devoted completely to yummy Jaffa Cakes! I love em!

Leigh :-)"

ally123130585918 said...

I loved this entry Stevie just as much as I LOVE Jaffa Cakes :o) ~ Ally x

seraphoflove9001 said...

Oh swift slap! lol ;o) Too funny! :o) They do look good! :o)

nay0114 said...

Wanna thank you for stopping by my journal and saying hello.
You make me laugh. I have no clue what you're talking about never heard of Jaffa Cakes.
Thanks for telling me whats good your way just in case I ever venture out.
They do look addicting.
Take care, Chrissie

deshelestraci said...

I'm a little behind on alerts but I wanted to say that your take on Jaffa cakes is great!  I wonder where we across the ponders could find some.

lanurseprn said...

I'd love to buy some, but I don't think we have any here in CA. <sigh>

gazker said...

I like the way I can get a whole one in my mouth at once! ;-)

lisa41076 said...

Stevie, At my work we sell Jaffa Cakes, I never had one but they look delicious, Hugs Lisa